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The drugs for Miss Kedgie Princess arrived yesterday (the pheromone refills), and I immediately placed one in the bedroom. No telling whether she feels happier yet, but this morning she was Crazy all over the place. I was in the bathroom, with Brady at the sink (drinking from the tap; it's his new game and he jumps up as soon as anyone gets near that room), so she slinked* in, watched him, pondered, hopped into the bathtub, and proceeded to go all ninja over the faucet, ran around the tub like a Crazy Cat, pretended innocence for a millisecond when she saw Brady staring at her, re-attacked the tub, hurdled the tub side and shot out the narrow gap at the door to galumph away triumphantly. Brady and I just stared.

Apparently, she gallops around the house at this time of day on a regular basis, and I've only missed it because I don't have my ears in to hear the noises.

Brady has recovered from his virus, and is no longer sneezing, rubbing at his face, or sleeping excessively. (How, one asks, does one tell when a cat is sleeping excessively? It's a subtle thing, to be sure. I'm a trained professional.)

Being the only one in the house with somewhere to go today (work), I was thus delegated to feed the monsters before I left. With thermos in hand, a quick little bit of food for "lunch", and a travel mug for my immediate sippage, I stepped out of the house to find not just fallen precipitate, but fallen frozen formerly-liquid precipitate. Luckily for us, the air temperature is warmer than freezing, so the ice was already loosening into slush, but the car needed scraping as well as a refill of gas.

Today is a much quieter day than yesterday, for several reasons, and they're letting us go home 2 hours early, so this will be a short, quiet day. A bit of paperwork, some rounds, more tea, and I'll be done.

*"Slunk" is the wrong image. Too low. She actively slinked into the room. Yes.

Date: 2010-01-01 01:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Junie dashes up and down the hallway and talks just after she gets food. I haven't heard her in the tub, but I've had cats that do that, too.


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