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..who is in a meeting, but she had to report this: our son just called her to say that he just remembered that his lunch account is out of money, and could I come over with some lunch for him.


Nope, sorry, kid. We asked you this weekend where your account stood, and you didn't remember it then? Well, too bad. You'll remember it better if you're hungry today.

He'll probably cadge some money from a sympathetic teacher or admin person -- it's only $2.50 for the meal with milk -- but who knows? If he doesn't get any money, he'll be hungry for a while. It's another 2 hours to the end of the school day, and the after-school program has snacks.

He's forgotten about his account before, and we made him bring his own lunches for a week. I guess that didn't stick.

Oh, look -- it's time for my lunch. I think I'll go get something from my refrigerator. (It's a nice luxury, having a fridge of my own at work. I'm nice and share it with my techs, even though it's a small one.)

If only I could speak to him now, as I ponder my lunch choices. Yes, I am the mean one.

::insert evil laugh::

P.S. I'll bet he forgot about his apple! I happened to put one in his backpack this very morning. I should let Honey know.
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All alone today, after Honey and Sonny took off to visit her side of the family, so I rediscovered the zucchini hiding under the sink. It was not a shameful squash, but hidden only to prevent the SIL who gifted it to us from realizing that we still hadn't eaten it. Of course, once hidden, it was out of sight and out of mind until they left and I was standing in front of the refrigerator pondering my possibilities.

The zucchini sprang to mind. I hauled it out, and chopped it into largish chunks. SIL certainly doesn't go for the puny little marrows. This was a Texas-sized vegetable. She actually brought two -- the second one is a yellow squash even larger than the zuke -- and I realized I couldn't actually cook and eat both by myself. The zuke alone filled up the pyrex baking dish, dressed only in decent olive oil and salt, and set to bake at 300 degrees (F). I cooked it for about 45 minutes and let it cool while I then made a warm fruit compote out of a fruit salad that was about to see its better days behind it. I've never heard of anyone cooking melon before, but I figured if it couldn't be eaten warm, then it was no loss.

So as it turns out, honeydew will cook away into practically nothing, providing a nice little "juice" for the base; melon turns into something..different. Not at all bad, just different. We all know how well strawberries, blueberries and pineapple cook, and I added a little ground cinnamon plus honey to the pot just before I took it off the stove.

That was all I needed for dinner. The zuke had to be shifted to storage in the fridge, but not before I tasted a few -- quite yummy. I'll enjoy having that for lunch tomorrow.

I've set the alarm clock on her side of the bed, turned up the volume to my level (up to 11, yanno), and have fixed the cats' condo yet again. Work tomorrow will be quiet, but there will be plenty to do since everyone else is gone all week. I might even be able to take pictures with the fundus camera.

In the coming days, there may be movage committed upon the deep freezer, into the basement -- through the outside door, which is indeed large enough to accommodate the freezer with hinges in place. Yayness shall ensue.

Merry Solstice, Happy Yule, and all those good wishes to all.


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