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So, once again, Mother Nature swoops down and delivers kittens in need of fostering. This time, a friend-of-a-friend had rescued four black and white (aka tuxedo) kittens orphaned after MomCat met with an untimely end. Since the rescuer is soon to leave for a month away from home, she needed another poor sap person to take them in. Luckily for me, I have an extra bedroom, being where the Sonny has his bed. I set up the kitty condo cage for them, and now I have four climbing, screaming, three-week-old kittens in there. Adorable, really.

At the same time, I have a handyman installing a new sink in the upstairs bathroom, so he gets to hear them mewing while he works. I'm downstairs, working on proposals (yes, even on vacation, I promised). The new toilet, third and last of the replacements needed, has been finished. He's good, this Bulgarian; he came highly recommended by the FF's cousin, and she's another tough cookie.

Speaking of the FF, she's still staying with her sister, taking turns with MiL; she emailed today to say that she was also going to meet an old college friend of hers for a little time away from the family. She hasn't said how her mom is doing, which means it's not going too well. I hope it's an easy transition, although it's certainly not very fast...

Oh, and Loki is clearly in his last days. He shows no signs of pain or distress, but he's not eating any food any more; he simply rests in his bed when I come in. He won't let me approach him, or I'd have already eased him on to his next life; I don't want to stress him out by grabbing him. So for now, I'll leave him be. I've got all the medications in the box nearby his bed, and I can finish things quickly if he allows. Junie B is a sweet loving cat; I plan to integrate her into the family once Brady is out of danger (and can handle stress again).
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Brady is showing signs of responding well to chemo. Last week, just before starting the drugs, he had a packed cell volume (measure of red blood cells) of 11%, which is way low. Dangerously low, actually. He'd dropped from 27% in June, to 21% at the first oncology visit, to 11% a week later. One week from that low, he has rebounded to 22% -- doubled in 7 days. Of the past 7 days, he's been on steroid for 7, and the chemo for 4 out of 6 days.

This is incredible.

They want to see how he does after a solid week of chemo. Since that's difficult with the present formulation of sticky capsules (stressful for the giver and givee, let me tell you), we'll see once we get the oral suspension which should arrive in the next 2-4 days. I think I'll skip tonight's dose, as he's just finished a stressful visit to the vet, and deserves a wee break.


In other cat news, I discovered why Cleo is getting more plump: she's been breaking into the cat food containers and bags on her own. Silly cat. I put the large bag of dry food in the hall bath and closed the door. Let's see how long it takes for her to drop a pound now.

Loki and Junie B are much the same.

In dog news, we confirmed that it is Hercules who likes to bark. We've ordered a collar for prevention of barking, and once that gets here, we'll be training him to stop. This will please the FG who cannot sleep through barking.

In other news, the stuff that I can neither confirm nor deny continues apace. Paperwork is processed. Plans are made. The not-a-best-woman waits for firm details.

(Doubled! In one week! I was hoping for a modest increase, say to 15%...)


Jul. 24th, 2013 09:15 pm
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It's been way too long, and I do apologize.

I'm not even going to look at the last post..::hangs head in shame::

Marilee's kitties continue to do well. Loki does not appear ill at all, and both of them are now comfortably ensconced in the basement, along with an old bed, an old dog bed, their cat beds, and plenty of sparkle toys.

Brady was recently diagnosed with cancer, myeloma. He has lost some weight, but is starting to regain it. Unfortunately, his red blood cell count is low and getting dangerously low, so we are starting him on steroid to see if we can push it back up. We were trying to avoid putting steroids in the treatment because of his history of upper respiratory infections, but the anemia is too dangerous now. I gave him an injection of steroid when we got home from the oncologist (yes, there is now such a thing! and very nice people they are..) and I went old school with it, mixing it into a half-ml of penicillin. Back in the day, when we walked uphill to our clinics, barefoot in the snow, we used to mix a combination antibiotic called Pen-Strep with a steroid, Dexamethasone, and inject it into our patients. It seemed to work, although no one really knew why we were adding a steroid to an antibiotic. The combination is no longer made, but I have penicillin and dexamethasone, so I figured it couldn't hurt.

The Son's bedroom is moved across the hall, to the former guest room. Since he doesn't spend much time here, I wanted to use the larger room as a guest room and office, and besides, the former guest room is still larger than his room at the Ex's house. I agreed to let him redecorate in any style, as long as it wasn't all-black; he settled on a Doctor Who theme, so I ordered a wallpaper mural of the TARDIS (inside view -- it's larger, after all). We'll get another poster for the door, which will be the outside of the TARDIS, of course.

The FG is repainting the former son's room into the new guest room -- he'd damaged the walls with holes and carvings and such, so I had to spackle and repaint. She has recently left her job, due to a toxic manager, and is in need of Something To Do, so there she is.

The dogs are their usual selves. Cleo is in danger of becoming even more plump, so I have to keep her away from Brady's food, which of course, he eats even more slowly due to his illness and lethargy. There are new medications that do wonders for the appetite, but he's still slower than she is.

I have re-signed up for the fitness center at work, and have high hopes of losing a few more pounds myself. If it works, I'll get Cleo in there too.
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It's been short but busy week at work, so I've been away from keyboard a bit. I watched the DNC speeches -- particularly Senator Clinton's speech, Senator Biden's and then Senator Obama's acceptance speeches. I haven't watched political events in a number of years, primarily because I cannot stand to watch the Shrub saying anything. I was reassured and enlightened by what I heard, and grateful that the Democrats seem to be pulling together to work on getting this election, this time. My partner is still upset that Senator Clinton didn't get the nomination, but I've liked both candidates all along, and I still think it's a win-win for the DNC.

McCain's selection of Palin is strange. I agree with the commentators who think McCain is trying to be a "maverick", even though he really hasn't been at odds with central GOP policies -- he voted in lockstep with Shrub's wishes for 90% of the time. It's funny too, because years ago I thought he was the better GOP candidate, and actually respected him.

Back to Obama: I remember listening to a recording of King's "I Have a Dream" speech, and I remember the changes that occurred in our society throughout the mid- to late 60s. I don't think anyone would have accepted a prediction that in only 45 years we would have a black man running for President (and a woman running for the nomination at the same time). No matter how we look at it, this is a historic election for the Democrats. It's wonderful. There's still a lot to change in American society, but this election could never have happened without all the changes we've managed to accomplish in the past 45 years. Ranting and Raving for a bit )But I digress.

So this morning we were doing some Wii workouts, and Son wasn't actually running in that exercise. He gave us some attitude about it, so we ended up going around the block for a mile (us) or two (him). He gave us a lot more attitude in the beginning of the walk, and he was given some extra walking to do -- but he settled down so we cut it back to two extra laps. He was better-behaved after that. While he was walking his laps we got started on some yard work -- the vines are back, and I had to whack them down -- and some trimming of the bushes. A young man stopped by to ask for work on yard stuff; we gave him a tree or two to trim and he brought his brother over to do the job. It wasn't too bad; they did trim the branches away from the power lines and the other tree was right up against the house. Now the Honey and the Sonny are at the pool, cooling off before the rain comes.

ObFeline: Kedgie and Buzz were actually shoulder-to-shoulder just a little while ago. She was cleaning her stomach while he was sitting next to me; I got up to get something and he shifted a bit -- I saw the Kedge-ster look over, sniff him, and go back to her cleaning. Very cute!


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