Sep. 25th, 2013

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So, once again, Mother Nature swoops down and delivers kittens in need of fostering. This time, a friend-of-a-friend had rescued four black and white (aka tuxedo) kittens orphaned after MomCat met with an untimely end. Since the rescuer is soon to leave for a month away from home, she needed another poor sap person to take them in. Luckily for me, I have an extra bedroom, being where the Sonny has his bed. I set up the kitty condo cage for them, and now I have four climbing, screaming, three-week-old kittens in there. Adorable, really.

At the same time, I have a handyman installing a new sink in the upstairs bathroom, so he gets to hear them mewing while he works. I'm downstairs, working on proposals (yes, even on vacation, I promised). The new toilet, third and last of the replacements needed, has been finished. He's good, this Bulgarian; he came highly recommended by the FF's cousin, and she's another tough cookie.

Speaking of the FF, she's still staying with her sister, taking turns with MiL; she emailed today to say that she was also going to meet an old college friend of hers for a little time away from the family. She hasn't said how her mom is doing, which means it's not going too well. I hope it's an easy transition, although it's certainly not very fast...

Oh, and Loki is clearly in his last days. He shows no signs of pain or distress, but he's not eating any food any more; he simply rests in his bed when I come in. He won't let me approach him, or I'd have already eased him on to his next life; I don't want to stress him out by grabbing him. So for now, I'll leave him be. I've got all the medications in the box nearby his bed, and I can finish things quickly if he allows. Junie B is a sweet loving cat; I plan to integrate her into the family once Brady is out of danger (and can handle stress again).


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