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"In 1986 I was living in the Caribbean, studying to be a veterinarian, so I had no tv, no cable -- and this was way before internets, children -- so I have no idea. Didn't the world stop rotating while I was not paying attention?" - etumukutenyak

(+1 for being older than us. -AL&CV&LL)

...and that's all I got this time. At least [ profile] i_calql8 got some puns in his. :-P
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Triple quotage -- when I remember to reply, I get the ego-boo. Alas, no points this time.
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Three quotes, and a +1 for subtlety! Woo!

The rest of the day better measure up. ::frowns at universe::

ETA..and someone thinks one of my quotes was sexy. Double goodness!


May. 28th, 2007 06:58 pm
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Another week, another two winning suggestions. I seem to have stumbled upon the secret: use math, and pin the blame refer to [ profile] i_calql8 a lot. Who knew math could be so darned helpful?
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Today's answers:

From nothing to two selections this round. I am feeling the power.
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I got only one quotage but this time I got a (-1)!! Woo!
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So I got one...[note to self: find pictures of nekkid wimmen and post those in each answer. Guaranteed quotage then.]

Hmph. I was so sure my hottentot answer would be quoted, but noooo.
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Of course, I had more than one funny, but they liked only two. Boo hoo.
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Hm. I tried really hard to be funny this time. Must try harder.
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I actually got quoted! Yay me!

::does dance of silliness::

..and I got all the answers right without looking them up on the internet.

::does dance of geekiness::

What? Geeks do so dance.


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