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Slept in a bit this morning, until 7 am. Woo! Nice warm bed, with two sleeping cats next to me, and Honey had gone off to the gym, so I crawled back in to catch up on my newspaper readings. Then I moseyed out to the kitchen, wrapped a present (the big 13 is tomorrow!), and pondered breakfast. While I pondered, I spied some beans, and decided to make bean soup. I dragged out all the old celery and carrots that were wilting in the fridge, chopped them up, along with some garlic, doused them in TJs organic chicken stock, added a bag o'beans (didn't use the packaged spices as some of those use MSG), threw in some garlic powder (never can have too much garlic), minced onions, bay leaf, parsley and chili flakes. Then I sliced some bacon, briefly sauteed it, and dumped all that in too. It's all brewing in the crockpot, and smells like garlic and bacon. Oh, and celery. I put in a lot of celery. Sorry.

Around the time of the bacon sauteing, Honey was making her appointment for a hair cut, and got one for me too, so now my hair is shorter again. My hairdresser is going through chemo for breast cancer, and seems to be doing well so far. She was very chatty today, and we talked about a lot of different things, including the election. I noticed she very carefully asked if I was happy about the election, which was a diplomatic way of putting it! Even in this very blue state there are McCain supporters around too. We talked so much Honey arrived for her appointment -- a half-hour after mine -- and Sonny came along with her. He's been growing lately, and she mentioned that he is a good-looking kid. I told her he turns 13 tomorrow, and he's getting another Game Boy game, which he won't be playing until tomorrow.

We were hoping to have his party/celebration today, but his best friend can't do it today, so next weekend is more likely. Today our plans include the shopping for the Game Boy game, a bit of the Army-Navy game on tv now (I wear the Navy sweatshirt as a Goucher grad (which is a long story), and Honey wears the Army sweatshirt as a former officer in the Army), followed by Madagascar Two: Back 2 Africa in about 35 minutes from now.

More later.

Mmmm, bacon.

Up Late

Sep. 13th, 2008 12:44 am
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So I'm up late, it's well past my bedtime, and it's all because I had coffee this evening. I needed it to stay awake while driving 90 minutes away to drop off Sonny at his weekend camping location, along with the food for his patrol. Part of this is the fun of hanging out with the boys all weekend, in an almost-manly mix of mud, rain, and running around; but part of this is required for advancement to the rank of First Class Scout. So I hope he gets his requirements taken care of this time (unlike last time), and stays at least partly dry. Good luck with that one, eh?

Hurricane Ike is of interest, and I'm reading wunderblog as well as the NOAA website. Some scary stuff out there.

Dr. G is on the television, showing off her forensic pathology skills. For a pathologist, she has incredible people skills, which is one of the reasons for her success (she's also an incredible pathologist). I like watching this because I sometimes get the diagnosis before they reveal it, and then I find myself making comments just before Dr. G says the same things. My field of veterinary medicine is an outgrowth of pathology, and 15 or so years ago, we did mostly pathology (i.e., kill the sick mouse, find out what was wrong with it, and deal with the rest of the mice). As transgenic mice have become more valuable, we have moved away from primarily pathology to primarily clinical medicine. Now I treat sick mice with antibiotics and steroids, and pain killers. I'm sure we'll be moving further along into diagnostic scans of mice, with MRI and CT designed for their small bodies.


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