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> Both Yahoo and AOL seem to be down, with neither of them actually, like, showing emails. In both cases, I enter the infinite loop of error messages, although I can access the main websites. Strange, but this is me not caring.

> I spent about 3 hours in the car this afternoon/evening, and it was all "local" driving. Note to self: East-West Highway is NOT THE WAY TO GO HOME. Evar. Unless I need to develop a strong sense of "KILL THEM ALL", then it will be the right way. Alas, unless I am eventually possessed by a demon, I will never need this; ergo, it will never be the right way. Q.E.D.

> When one is very hungry, even stale bread with old baloney and wilting lettuce is consumable. Not that a 13-yr old boy will eat wilting lettuce. Ha.

> Saturday evening we went to the opera and saw Puccini's "Turandot". The lead soprano (singing Turandot) got tepid applause, while the second soprano (singing Liu) got bravos and lots of applause. Ouch. But she was the better singer, by far.

> It looks like Sonny will be taking summer school this year, in Spanish. Even though he has a fabulous accent, he didn't study the vocabulary and is failing it like a failing thing. Other classes are much better, as long as he stays on track with getting homework turned in, that sort of thing.

> I have been working diligently on our Pile O' Socks, and have now whittled it down to a reasonable size, i.e., one that can be carried in a single load. Still more socks await pairing. Is this going to the Supreme Court, or will it be done on a state-by-state basis? Certainly California will be of no assistance in this matter.

> Has Dan Rather always been this much of a whistler/squeaker while he speaks? Personally, I can't stand to listen to people like this.
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