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On Friday evening, we had company -- only one person, but we pulled out all stops, grilling fish and making pasta, salad, and grilled vegetables as well. Since I was still dealing with a migraine, I didn't have any wine, but Honey and Guest demolished a bottle of Trapiche Cabernet Sauvignon. While the grownups talked, Sonny watched the Opening Ceremonies.

Saturday, we had work around the house, in which we FINALLY moved the large chest freezer into the basement. It took some coordination of efforts, and we had to first unload the contents and prepare the cardboard but we got it shifted without too much yelling and only one minor injury. It was placed in with the girls, and promptly got very hot, but after some fiddling with controls and turning off/on/off, it cooled down and demonstrated proper cooling of contents. After that, Honey had planned to take Sonny to the Fair, but he decided he wanted to hang out in the neighborhood with some friends, so that was postponed.

Sunday, they churched while I read the paper, then they went to the Fair while I went to work (on call, yadda yadda); they ate dinner at the Fair and I had leftovers. I watched some of the Olympics, played exercised on the Wii Fit for about 90 minutes, and then watched some Bruce Willis (Die Hard was released in 1985 -- when he had hair and Bonnie Bedelia had Big Hair). In between all this, I walked the dogs, fed the critters, cleaned up here and there, ordered a new toilet for upstairs (unit no longer drains properly, so even if I have the flushing part working, it doesn't..yanno..eliminate the substances.) I researched toilets for a bit -- who knew there was so much technology available now? -- and settled on a American Standard Champion (as the Toto Ultra was not easily available in this area, and the Australian one was too expensive, and we're not in need of any ultra-expensive Japanese units with built-in bidets, warmers, aromatherapy and so on. Not really. But I digress.)

This morning we had the usual Monday morning slow-to-wake up issues. OK, they did get back from the Fair at a late hour, and camp doesn't start until 9-ish, and I did forget I had a meeting. Well, I remembered the meeting part, but not the correct time of meeting part. Oopsie.

Lunch done, posting done, realized I forgot to post answers to LJDQ, darnit, and back to work for now.
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Well, the Son is home from a week at Boy Scout camp, during which he accomplished a great deal: merit badges in Archery, Swimming, and First Aid; and he came in third for the Mile Swim. He also collected an alarming number of cuts, bruises and scrapes along his legs and feet. After a quick lunch of spaghetti with sauce and a few bites of "Buffalo Wings", he tried to read for twenty minutes while we soaked his feet in warm soapy water. He fell asleep, so we got good blackmail photos. Now he's got his feet up on the recliner, watching cartoons and I'm sure he'll fall asleep again.

I'm on call this weekend, but it's been quiet so far. No, this won't jinx me; it's the Friday afternoons that I never say anything about being quiet. Weekends are usually quiet, and when they're not quiet (medically speaking), it's usually something fun like an emergency surgery for bloat.

I have to finish up posting the outline of my presentation on Sterilants and Disinfectants, and then start doing some lit searches to make this more of a paper and not so much of a presentation.

But right now I plan to drink some freshly brewed Jasmine tea, browse the latest at ML and LJ, and take a nap myself.
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Finished Throne of Jade, started Black Powder War
Drove to northern NJ, missed Argentina vs Ivory Coast, had decent time at hotel with mom, dad, and auntie in the evening. Got up the next morning, sat through 3 hour bat mitzvah, had lovely lunch at reception back at hotel. Kids are growing up so fast! Drove home.

Sunday, watched some World Cup (Netherlands vs Serbia-Montenegro), dropped off boy at church, went to baseball game, kept score for team, lost again. Went home, caught some of World Cup (Angola vs Portugal), went to movies, saw "Cars" -- cute movie, very NASCAR-oriented. Was glad to have read Sharyn McCrumb's book, St. Dale. Had dinner at new "Irish Pub", was very tasty. Had live music playing. Went home, collapsed. Slept very well.

Rainy and cool (14C for our overseas correspondants) today. Very nice. :-) Boss is still on vacation. Even nicer. :-)


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