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Technically, my time off began on Friday, but that was taken up with a retirement party for someone in our office, plus driving around on various small errands. I didn't have the chance to sleep late or avoid getting in the car -- unlike today. I slept in a tiny bit, got up to help Honey with her laptop (an official one) that somehow Sonny had "borrowed" to his room, and now is not working. Even attempting to boot in Safe Mode didn't work. Sonny has some 'splaining to do, eh?

After that, I got a cuppa, a slice of blueberry bread, and the paper from yesterday (unfinished due to extra work), and crawled back into my nice warm bed. After I finished the paper, I had a lovely little nap, then got up and got to slaving away in the various front rooms.

We've been redoing closets, so one closet no longer holds coats (now a linen closet). All the coats are thusly piled in the front room, so I cleaned out the closet in the sun room (which is now more properly labeled the ICE ROOM, as it is COLD out there) and moved some coats over. I've also got the camping box to close up and move into the basement, and then I can shift to the upstairs to clean the guest room. It hasn't been used as a guest room in quite some time, because it had been Honey's "home office" for a while, and it's full of her old files in boxes all over the place. I'm going to scan some documents onto CD or DVD for storage, and store the rest in the basement with the cats, which requires some preplanning as I'll have to put together the last shelving unit (still in its box). Metro shelving is very nice -- sturdy, easy to put together and results in a minimum of swearing. But before I put up the shelving unit, I'll have to clean out a spot to park it, which means that before I can get to work on the guest room, I have to spend some time in the basement.

Planning ahead, yeah.

Yesterday the bells played "Little Drummer Boy" and "O Come Thou Long Expected Jesus". All of us played in LDB, which is a nice song full of eighth notes and people have a tendency to rush ahead when there's more fast little notes. We managed to stay on target and even sounded nice. Our director played the triangle and a drum to round out the sound. He's a talented musician -- he also played his trumpet in a solo at the end, and his valve was stuck, so he transposed his music up in order to play the piece. On the fly, as he was playing, he was mentally transposing all his notes. Yes, he's a middle school music teacher, how did you guess?

All right. Back to the front room, to finish moving coats to the Ice Room, then to the basement to find the contact information for the heat pump company (annual checkup time) and the shelving unit. Don't wait up for me.
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I'd taken this week off when we thought that Son had no camp this week (silly Honey miscalculated and he's still in camp). Day One was lost to a migraine that wasn't the most painful (and grateful I am for that) but still caused enough mental fog that I spent the day mainly sleeping. It left during the night, so when I woke this morning, I was back to my chipper self.

So, this AM, Son walked the dogs and then requested that he be allowed to walk to camp from home. Bye, dear! I perused emails, worked out on the Wii Fit, shopped a bit, and went over to the Red Cross to donate blood. For that effort, I got a bottle of juice and a t-shirt -- and an excuse not to work too hard for the rest of the day. Oh, I plan to clear out the closet so I can get started on the new shelving unit..but I'm just out of energy right now. I should be better later.

Soon, I have to pick up the Son from camp and the sandwiches from the deli. Son has a Scout meeting and Honey has another one of her all-important church meetings at the same time (luckily, in the same location), so after dinner I'll watch them leave the house again.


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