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So, yesterday there was a water main break, over in Bethesda -- you may have seen it on the news. Pretty interesting images, what with a 4 foot wall of water roaring down the street during the early morning head-to-work rush. At first I was ignoring the television, thinking this was another one of those flash floods in LA kind of thing, when suddenly I realized this was around here. In between watching the live coverage of rescues, I walked the dogs, made some mulled apple cider (juice, for those across the pond, not cider); welcomed the heat pump guy, turned on the computer, and had no Internetz.

All day I fussed over the settings, cleared the cache, repaired the connection, rechecked the firewall -- No Internetz.

This morning, here we are.

Coincidence? I think not.

Sonny's school let out 2.5 hours early, because the water was affected all across the county (even here our pressure was low for a few hours, during the worst of the break); the after-school program had to shut down because that school was one of the ones actually suffering a lack of water. So he started his winter vacation 2.5 hours early. What did I make him do?

Why, he cleaned his room, of course! Realistically, he spent 90% of this time reading the books he was "putting away", 5% of this time in picking up laundry and putting it into the hamper, 2% of this time actually, yanno, cleaning, and 3% of this time in the bathroom.

Honey also got let out of work early, so she went shopping -- where she saw many colleagues and had a fine social time -- and I ordered Chinese food for supper. Sonny walked the dogs for a good while, the food arrived, we sat down to play chess, we thought Honey was home, she wasn't, we fed the animals, and there she was!

A little Chinese food, some television movies, Sonny made up a coupon book for Honey, and he lost the wire inside his lower jaw. It popped out of the holder on one tooth, and was sticking out of his mouth, so I clipped it. He promptly got his tongue stuck on it, to much emotional stress, and then he worked the other holder off the other tooth, so all was well. A quick shower, and he was off to bed, while Honey wrapped presents until way past her bedtime.

Well, 9:30 is her bedtime.

Since there were No Internetz, I went to bed early too. I couldn't load any more music without the internet database available.

Today, the plan is (1) laundry, (2) dog walking, (3) take Sonny shopping for Honey, (4) continue cleaning upstairs, both his room and the guest room. We'll see how much actually gets done, although the laundry is already in the machine.
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So Honey's been making new friends at work (it's about time, ya think, after a year in her new job?) and one of them has a partner, with a nephew visiting this week. We'd agreed to meet last week, at a local restaurant/game room, which went well. Both boys were having a good time, and we got invited to visit them up in the "country place" today. They've got a cabin (renovated, but still..) in West Virginia, so we packed some swim stuff and drove off, albeit a bit later than we'd originally planned.

First, there was the "Not-Waking-Up-As-Early-As-We-Usually-Do" problem. Then Honey remembered that the church group was making sandwiches for the shelter today, so she had to run over in case they needed people. Sonny's homework meant the End of the World, at least until he finally got the point and corrected his misunderstanding (but that was later, in the car). So we got up there about lunch-ish, got the tour, went down to the state park and played in the lake (the boys) or sat under the trees (us). They played in the water and the sand for a few hours. We went back to their house for a nice dinner, and hit the road -- Buzz still needs his insulin in a timely manner.

All the animals were happy to see us when we finally got in. I wonder why?

The other day we'd been shopping at Trader Joe's, and Sonny picked up some "ice cream sandwiches" made from Tofutti. When I mentioned that this wasn't ice cream but tofu, he wanted to put them back, but I decided we should get them. Ha. He loves them. Of course, tofutti has lots of fat calories, but it's tasty. Or is it the other way around?

I mentioned my little "Carling the Bassett" story at dinner, and got a few laughs. Veterinary humor.

Buzz is currently hunting a moth. Go Buzzer-Wuzz!
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..and the weekend of camping is here. Sonny goes off to learn survival skills with his troop in the wild mountains of West Virginia. Next week is promising to be quieter than this past week, and then we have his spring break, for which we each took vacation time.

We're going to Montreal, driving up there to visit the city and friends. American maple syrup will be exchanged for the vastly superior Canadian product. Wine from North Carolina will be delivered for a friend who didn't want to carry it on the plane. We will visit and shop and meet and wander, and then return home.

Ah, the croissants of Montreal!
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..for my trip to Montreal. This will not be an official trip to make a presentation (because the paperwork got screwed up in a big way). Since I already had the air fare paid and all, I get a little vacation time.

Whee! A 6:30 am flight to Montreal, and fun in the rain. ;-)

Talk amongst yourselves until I get back.


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