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So. It seems that my eye could not be satisfied with a simple, uncomplicated vitreous detachment. No, we had to go all DRAMA and have a retinal detachment, with a tear, and some holes just for good measure. Because of the bleeding, I had vitrectomy, or actual eyeball-cutting-into, along with the laser. Now I have a bubble of gas inside the eye, that has to stay in the upper part of the globe, so I am restricted to lying on one side, or face-down. The swelling has gone down, but the nerve block has worn off now -- at three days post-op, that's to be expected -- but now I are cranky and fussy. Blech. I am SO done with this, and I have at least a week, possibly two or three, before I'm back upright.

Can I hear an UGH?

At least my furniture is comfy, and the FF is as fabulous as she could possibly be, and still be human.

Ow. Sigh. Ugh.
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I was able to pet him and slip in a needle with some analgesic yesterday, so I repeated it today with a higher volume. After he was sedated, I gave him the overdose of anesthetic, wrapped him in a old shirt, and petted him until he was gone. He was a big, sweet cat with an incurable cancer, and he was loved by all. May he find Marilee again.
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We have achieved "marriage license". Wedding level unlocked!
Throw confetti in the afternoon of September 20th, y'all.
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Last week, I was on vacation. The FG and I drove to my parental house in the Mid-Hudson Valley, spent the night, and then drove to Bar Harbor, Maine. It was the perfect time to go: no mosquitos, no tourists, cool daytime temps, weather varying from rainy to sunny -- the only disadvantage was the lack of fresh blueberries, the season not having begun there yet. Alas.

On Day One, it was rainy, so we drove around Cadillac Mountain and Acadia N.P., then shopped for groceries and made our own dinner in the cabin.

Day Two, overcast and mild; we walked the sandbar to Bar Island and spent a pleasant few hours climbing over the rocky beach, looking at rocks and taking pictures. We had lunch in town, bought a few things, ran back to the cabin to rest, and then took a sail on a four-master (the Margaret Todd) and enjoyed the sunset cruise. The FG used up the batteries in her camera, then her cell phone, and commandeered my camera at the end.

Day Three, sunny; we had bought a bike for the FG on Monday (could not pass up the sale at LL Bean Outlet) and rented a bike for me. We rode around Jordan Pond, despite all the dratted hills in my way. I had to walk up rather a few of them, but still managed to make it back to the car before the FG, who kept stopping to take more pictures. We took tea at Jordan Pond House, and enjoyed the popovers; then we returned the bike (which I bought as a second bike to keep at the FG's house), and dined in town.

Day Four, sunny; we drove to Northwest Harbor, drove back and forth along Somes Sound (a fjord); around to Seal Harbor and spent a few hours on Newport Cove.

Day Five, sunny; we did a last bit of shopping for the families, finished off as much of our food as possible, repacked the car, and got ready to leave. This was the same day as all the tornadoes in Maryland, which bemused us.

Day Six, cloudy to rainy (the weather drifting northwards, but less dangerous), we drove from Bar Harbor to Boston, to visit my brother and his family. The FG had met him and his boys a few months ago, but not his wife. We got to see their adorable young cat too. Since their house is small, we stayed at a hotel nearby, but had dinner and then breakfast the next morning. We parked our bikes in their garage, so we didn't have to worry about them overnight.

Day Seven, we drove back to Maryland. I almost stopped in New Jersey, as we'd heard that my cousin was having issues again, in his fight against metastatic colon cancer. He's been through 50 rounds of chemo; the first protocol eventually failed and he switched to a monoclonal antibody last year. That had just stopped working, and he was jaundiced again, plus in a lot of pain from the stent that was placed. My parents visited him at home, and reported that he seemed to be rebounding, which was a great relief. We arrived at my place, where we unpacked and repacked things. The FG had left her cat at my place, so she took him home that night.

And then it was Monday again.

On Tuesday, I closed on my house and saw my son for the first time in more than a week. He completed another merit badge that night, at the weekly Scout meeting. Tonight he is here, as the Hex (thank you, [ profile] serge_lj!) is heading out of town for a professional meeting this weekend. We'll stop by her house every day, to take care of Rico, the fish, and the plants. But first, we shop for a new bike for Sonny; he's big enough to get a grown-up bike, and she took her bike when the furniture was moved. We'll see what REI has to offer, bright and early tomorrow morning.

And now to bed.


Mar. 21st, 2012 06:53 pm
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Nothing much happening around here, other than Spring going mad before the official onset of spring; I put up some more artwork on the walls; the FG had a bout of shingles which didn't last long (thanks to antivirals and early diagnosis); the Ex continues to look at homes; the Son has his good days where he does his homework early and gets to watch tv; I've started working on the basement, getting rid of $CRAP before the Ex can make nasty comments about it (and most of it was hers); the last two boxes of her old research-related paperwork are going into the confidential shredder at work.

The FG found a decent Wii Billiards disk and we tried it out last weekend. It was more realistic than the other games, but we needed more information -- we're figuring out the rules as we go along -- and I brought up the billiard balls from storage in the basement. Now I have to remember to put them back!

I've moved several of my large plants outside, to take advantage of the nicer weather, and to get them out of reach of the cats who seem to think they should pee in the dirt. No, thank you, the plants do not need that much nitrogen.

Time to feed the monsters, then myself, then a spot of fencing?
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I hope I don't forget all the little things I've been meaning to post about.

The last post was in December, and I still can haz lovely delicious comfortable bed. I almost hate to spend my night somewhere else. Almost.

Well, clearly the holidays happened and stuff. ::waves hand:: In more exciting news, I had a mediation meeting in January and another one in February. Both of these have been more productive than I would have hoped. The first meeting got us agreeing to work with a mortgage specialist on determining how much either of us can afford; this led to the Ex realizing that she could, after all, afford a decent house or townhouse, in a decent location. Surprise! I mean, I could have told her this, but I knew she wouldn't hear it from me. The second meeting allowed her to identify how much she could afford on her own, and accept the concept that I didn't have to provide 100% of her down payment.

It still means a refinancing of my mortgage, even just to get her off, and a bit of extra cash from that to give to her, but one hopes the rates will remain low enough that my payments can remain around the same. This will make it -- if I recall correctly -- the fifth refinance since I bought the house. Ugh. On the other hand, she's not stressed out about GETTING MONEY and now she's house-hunting. If it means she also takes the youngest cat, my son's favorite little ninja kitty, then I'm all for it. Poor guy doesn't get along with the older cats and even though he loves the dogs, he can't be left out. He purrs a lot, so he's still a happy youngster.

The FG is still just as F and G as ever. Her daughter and son-in-law have begun to hear some of my stories, like the ones about the sheep, and seem to think they're funny. They met the Sonny at one of our dinners back in December, before his knee surgery, so he knows what they look like and vice-versa. His toxic girlfriend, BTW, is now history. He apparently dumped her -- or they mutually agreed to cool it -- before Christmas. He has a new one now, whom I shall refer to as "Nevermore". Let's hope she's not nearly as toxic, which would not be difficult. Toxic Girl was Toxic. Ugh.

Dogs are happy dogs. We play with the tennis ball before meals, run around the yard, eat, play, and get chewy treats like pig ears (I'm avoiding rawhide as anything beef seems to trigger allergic reactions, in the skin).

Cats are happy cats. Cleo and Brady get along very well, much better than he did with Kedgie, who was a Princess of the First People and A Higher Power. Cinder is now 19 and still setting daily records for the Oldest Cat I've Ever Had. She haz a cranky and a hungry, then a sleepy. Apparently she can hear the wind when it's howling, and it bothered her, so she yowled in Sonny's ear at 3 am. Either it was the wind or else she was hungry again, we don't know.

The FG took me skiing one weekend about a month ago; she's been dying for lack of snow this winter and we managed to eke out a cross-country session on some snow, surrounded by brownish green fields. I fell only once this time (!!) and did a better job skiing. She zoomed around and I had fun watching her ski. The following weekend we made a trip to NY to surprise my mother for her birthday (which was actually the weekend after, but they'd managed to schedule themselves out of town on that date, drat them). My brother came down with his two sons; we all met at our cousin's house and surprised her. She had already suspected something was up, particularly after she found out Dad had canceled their concert tickets, but she didn't know exactly what. We all had a wonderful time; there were her grandchildren and the cousins' kids all running around -- Sonny babysat them and my cousin made it "worth his while" with a $20, which is a family tradition and a joke related to her mom's habit of slipping twenties to the kids.

Last weekend we took the Sonny for a bike ride out at Harper's Ferry. We started off ok, then he got sulky and wasn't paying attention, so he ran into me because he didn't realize I'd stopped to look at the river. The bruise is fading nicely, thanks. He failed to apologize, instead choosing to argue, so I gave him heck and rode off; she gave him heck and then he came up to apologize very nicely. We all had a much better afternoon then.

Somewhere in the past two weeks I saw "My Neighbor Totoro"; a lovely movie that I highly recommend. It's one of those where at the end, you turn to your loved one and say "I ought to buy it". It shows aspects of Japanese culture that I'd never seen before, which was nice as well as educational; it is about love and family; it contains magic and the adults treat the children with great respect. Definitely worth seeing!

I think that's good for now.
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When the Ex moved out, she took the bed we'd been using, so I had to go back to my old mattress and box (no spring), although I did have a new frame to put them on. Let's just describe the old one as "firmer" than the bed that left. It took some time to get "comfortable" on it, and when the FG came along, she found it less than optimally comfortable.

We shopped at Ikea, but I didn't like the prices. Sonny and FG kept picking out the most expensive pillow-top comfort mattresses. Finally, however, Costco had a deal on an expensive-type of mattress, so I ordered it online. Naturally, they wanted to deliver during the week of Thanksgiving, but I was out of town and didn't get their messages until afterwards.

Once I'd arranged for delivery, I happened to luck into another queen-size mattress being given away at work. That one required renting a truck from Home Depot, and the muscles of the FG along with me, but we wrestled it into the Son's bedroom. He now has the futon as a couch (and fairly comfortable at that), plus his new mattress/box spring on the floor, which is irresistible to all teens. As an unwanted effect, his room is also cleaner again.

Then mine arrived. I'd arranged for delivery during a week of vacation, but as my luck would have it, I had to spend several hours at work on Tuesday -- and yes, as you would imagine, the delivery coincided precisely with the time I needed to be present at work. Luckily, the FG was able to spend some time at my house waiting for the delivery, and went home once the bed was in place.

That bed was so comfortable I almost didn't get out of bed this morning. Flannel sheets, soft mattress top over a firm-ish mattress, and nice new pillows all made me and two cats into very happy sleepers. I can hardly wait to go to bed again. I may or may not miss my actual FG.

Kidding! It's much better with a FG. It's a larger bed than my old one, so we have more room to sleep.

As for the old bed, it's back in the guest room with the frame that held it. The old frame was too small to hold a modern queen, so the ninja kitty gets a bed in his room.

The Son still wants to sleep on the couch*, because he wants the dogs with him. Cinder is ambivalent about the dogs. One day she merely sniffed noses with Athena, and another day she hissed fiercely at them. I figure she's not too long for this world, so I may re-arrange the kitty locations. Rico can handle the pups, and now that he's getting older, he's actually got periods of time where he sits for more than five seconds.

*He did find his new bed very comfortable, though, and hasn't complained too much about lack of canine companionship at night.
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It's been an extremely eventful month. In short, the Sonny "ran away" or "failed to come home on time" once weekly for four weeks, culminating in an overnight disappearance (ditched his first finals to run with his girlfriend out the door). The miscreants were tracked by the GPS in the phone they'd borrowed from another teen, whose father was rather irate about that turn of events. However, Irate Father was the man of the hour, as he tracked the GPS as soon as the phone was turned on, resulting in the swift apprehension by the police of our two young idiots.

Ex had been teleworking in case he was captured, and responded to the police station; she took him immediately to the behavioral health hospital and admitted him. He was hearing voices and seeing things, and was oddly nonchalant about staying, although he kept asking for things like "stopping at McDonalds on the way home", which indicated that he wasn't really well-connected to reality.

Twenty-four hours later, he was still rather subdued. Another day after that, he was sullen and angry, lashing out with hurtful things (he wished he hadn't signed the adoption papers, etc., etc. ); today he was more mellow and even hugged the Ex at the end of her visit.

He's getting worked up for causes of psychosis; they've dropped the dose of his ADHD meds and have added both an anti-psychotic as well as an anti-depressant.

I'm still processing this. I'm not sure how much I will be able to trust him once he's released to outpatient care.

In other news, we're still preparing for the triennial site visit, starting tomorrow. Our part of the site visit begins Wednesday afternoon, through Thursday afternoon.

I've also been cleaning Sonny's room; I've found all of the missing DVDs -- they were all under his bed, along with the portable DVD player. No wonder he was claiming lack of sleep! Well, no more temptation. The DVDs are all at the FG's house now, and we're taking advantage of this opportunity to watch the movies I'd been promising her. Yesterday we saw "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", which is still good even when you know how it ends.
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It seems like every time she sees evidence that I've been working around the house -- cleaning, having work done, etc. -- it provokes a conditioned response in her, and she remembers that she's trying to get bought out.

She had stopped by to bring the tents and pick up Sonny's brace, and noticed the boxes of siding in the yard. That triggered her next line of thought, which was that she needed to resolve the house issue. Yes, *she* needed to resolve it. She wondered if we could work this out together, or if we needed to involve the mediator.

Naturally, I told her we'd work with the mediator, and unless she was willing to drop her "price" it wasn't happening too fast. She didn't care for me walking away from her, but too bad!

As if we could even pretend to focus on the house at the same time as getting our son straightened out! What a selfish jerk.

Well, I can't afford to buy her out AND save our son, so she'll just have to take it or leave it. If she wants to pretend that he's not going to need in-house patient care for his alcoholism, then she can pay for it all herself.
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Is it really just a crappy Monday?

This morning started out so nicely, too: I was woken by my new alarm, who kissed me ever so nicely. She packed me a lunch and a travel mug of tea, and I left for home to take care of the remaining menagerie.

The drive from her house is always lovely, but even more so on foggy mornings. There's just something unutterably surreal and fragile about fog drifting in thick banks across the fields.

Traffic was minor until fairly close to home, which is because the traffic lights start in about five miles away, and this slows down everyone. Still, I made it home in about an hour, and fed the monsters. We had a lovely walk, the dogs and I, and since I already had a lunch I only needed to make my tea. I was at work in time to get a decent parking spot next to my building, which is a major accomplishment.

Got lots of work done at work, which is always nice to do. The Ex called to update me on the Sonny, who is dealing with sleep disturbances still, and had been woken by a nightmare again. We talked about training him on lucid dreaming techniques, and she also apologized for her behavior on Sunday. (Basically, she'd been running late, had yelled at me because he wasn't ready to go, and I'd ignored it.)

Heading home, I ran into weather and that caused the Bad Kind of traffic, so I detoured away from the Beltway, stopped by the pet store for dog fud and a few cat treats. I got home in time to see the Sonny also heading for the house with his best friend. This was unexpected, and it turned out that his friend's younger brother had run off, so the family was out looking for him. Even later it turned out that Sonny has been spending many afternoons at their house, on his way home from school. No wonder he's usually late, but the lying has to stop...

Since it was her week, the Ex was also around for this, and took the Sonny off to her place. I finished feeding the monsters, and started making my dinner.

The phone rang. It was about 7 pm; my dinner was not ready yet. It was Ex, asking me to come to her place now. She and the Sonny had gotten into a confrontation and she needed help. I turned off the stove, packed away the dogs, and drove down.

They'd gotten into an argument over homework, and he'd pushed her. On the other hand, he'd been woken by a nightmare at 3:30 this morning, and could be reasonably expected to be somewhat tired by now. I spoke briefly to him; he was in his room with his arms folded. I sat with her and tried to redirect her into positive approaches until she got mad about "letting him get away with it" and started in on me. I told her I wasn't going to let her treat me like that and left.

I called her about 15 minutes later to ask her what she thought was an appropriate punishment for him. She couldn't decide at that time, but we discussed a few options and she'll get back to me. I suppose she'll apologize tomorrow. If not, I won't be surprised. When she thinks she's right, she gets righteous and mean about it.

I'm glad I walked out. I was not going to sit there and tolerate her anger again. She asked me to come help, and I did. If she didn't like it, well, she can deal with him on her own then. She's the one who left (and the Sonny is still angry at her about it); I don't owe her anything any more. I'm happy to try to help if asked, but that's my limit.

I went shopping at TJs for more bread before getting home to finally have my dinner (asparagus risotto and italian sausages); I think I'll have some dessert now. And tea.

And then to bed. By myself, tonight. It would have been nice to drive up to the FG tonight but not at this hour. It's late enough, and I don't want to fall asleep on the drive.

With any luck, the Sonny will have a better day tomorrow. Poor kid needs a decent night's sleep.
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Been busy lately, with work mostly.

Let's see: it's been a depressing week on the personal side, as my brother's cat of 17.5 years passed on -- not unexpected, but still very sad. The next day, one of my oldest friends lost her father to his long battle with Parkinson's -- also not unexpected and also very sad. His funeral is on Friday, which luckily for me is a comp day. Today, I found out that my good friend [ profile] davefreer lost one of his dogs to a sudden and totally unexpected illness. Even though I'd never met Roly, his loss was so heartbreaking for everyone.

And of course, we are all looking nervously at the Hill, hoping that the reasonable Republicans grow some spine and stand up to the tea party Republicans. If the government shuts down, it will be a disaster for the Republicans, and the smarter ones know it.

Other than that, life continues to be fairly fabulous. On Saturday, I took Sonny and the FG out to the C&O Canal Rail Trail, to ride. I rented two bikes; the FG brought hers, and we rode 22 miles that day. Sonny, being young and athletically gifted, zoomed off at twice our speed, beating us to the end out and back. He didn't even hurt afterwards.

My knees were tired by the end of the ride, but my saddle was even more sore...and sitting was not too much fun until, oh, today. I also added to the fun by overworking my muscles (did a Jan Ullrich and rode in a too-high gear) through a more demanding part of the dirt trail next to the paved asphalt trail. My quads cramped up when I stopped moving, so I had no choice but to keep going. The thought of the promised massage helped motivate me, though. It was a lovely day for a ride, and we all enjoyed ourselves. We finished off the day at her place, and watched Robin Hood, the one with Russell Crowe. It was pretty decent, overall; not too many anachronisms and much better "English" accents.

Work will be busy for some months to come (even if the government shuts down -- I'm an essential employee, and will be working no matter what). We're ramping up for our triennial inspection this June, and then I'll be able to relax a bit.

Kedgie is acting very quiet these days, but seems to have an appetite and takes her meds nicely. Brady and Cleospot are playing together much more nicely now. The dogs..well, other than the absolute disaster they created on Sunday night/Monday morning, have been their usual charming playful selves. We won't delve into the piles of stinky poop bordering on diarrhea, along with the garbage that they pulled out and strew all, we won't.

Time for tea!
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1. I finally had the chance to try Amaretto with Costco's Super Premium Vanilla ice cream...delicious!

2. Suzanne Westenhoefer is hilarious, and in fine fettle this year. Turns out her wife was cheating on her, and continued to cheat throughout therapy, with a professional volleyball player who is deeply closeted. Oops! Never piss off a comedian!

3. The Ex and the FG met at the show. Hands were shaken. Each spoke one sentence ("Hi, I'm Ex." "I'm FG") and then we spent the rest of the evening with our backs to her group, enjoying Suzanne's comedy.

4. FG is enjoying me reading "The Curse of Chalion" to her, and is appreciative of Lois McMaster Bujold's writing skilz.

5. The stray/abandoned cat on FG's doorstep is now at the emergency clinic, getting warm fluids and tender loving care. Don't know if he/she will make it, being hypothermic and dehydrated, but if s/he does, there's a new home. Guaranteed.
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Friday, I got the news that Miss Kedgie Princess was most definitely hyperthyroid, and so I picked up the meds for herself. A half-tablet twice daily for the next two weeks, then a recheck blood test and body weight, and we should be able to find out whether she'll be healthy enough for radio-iodine treatment. At least these pills are tiny and tasteless, so I can stick it into her feed without any worries; she consumes the meds and doesn't hate me forever. This is a win-win.

After that, I zoomed out to my FG's place for the weekend. Fabulous stuff occurred, a car seat check station happened, in a town close to her place, after which we drove back to my place for the Caring of the Animals, and then a quick jaunt into VA for some bowling with a friend of mine. We bowled, Friend A won both games; I came in second for one and third for the other (too many frames in which I bowled zero...). On our way out, I managed to drive in the opposite direction from the one I intended to drive, but luckily for me, FG had just mentioned the other way to her place only to see the signs for that very highway. We took the new scenic route directly to her house. Sunday was a day of rest, and keep your minds out of the gutter. Yes, you.

A week ago Friday, one of my colleagues lost his son to a sudden death (at the age of 22, collapsed on the basketball court); the funeral was today, so I headed home last night -- well, ok, Very Early this morning. While I was getting ready for the funeral, I noticed that the cats were behaving quite nicely towards the kittens. Another win!

Just had a phone call from the Ex, about Son's missing cell phone -- he'd been telling me it was in his pants pocket, but now they think it dropped out of his pants when he was in my car last week, so I have to go check the car. It would be a little nicer if she'd remember to give him his afternoon meds before trying to have him focus on things -- he really needs the PM dosage or he gets argumentative and mis-focused. I could barely talk to her over his constant comments. Ugh. Now I'm irritated.

Well, these reports won't review themselves. Off to finish up work and head home.

Sick Day

Jan. 11th, 2011 08:53 am
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I have a sudden and nasty little cold -- and now a sudden and purring kitten on my chest, blocking my view of the laptop. I know which one I prefer, despite the sharp little claws...anyway, I decided to take today off and remain in bed as much as possible. It's an annoying cold, mainly rhinitis -- a runny nose, congestion, sneezing -- with some coughing and a bit of headache every so often. I've had worse. However, this one blew up fast; I was fine yesterday AM through just before lunch, and then wham!

I have debated making a hot toddy, and decided to wait until later, because I don't need it yet and it would just be a waste of decent whisky to consume it while I can't smell anything.

I am drinking hot tea with honey in it, for the sore throat and the cough. It helps. I also have my cats around me, and a paperback Stephen King novel to re-read ("It", which I used to re-read in vet school by letting the book fall open and starting from that page). I need to remind myself to drag "The Dome" out from its hiding place so I can lend it to my friend K.

My fabulous girlfriend wanted to take care of me, which was very tempting, but this cold is more annoying than debilitating. I'd rather have her help when I really need it, and not give her any unnecessary colds like this one.

So, I'm catching up on emails, playing Farmville, drinking tea, cosseting a kitten, blowing my nose and using mass quantities of facial tissues, and thinking fondly of a nap very shortly.

Holy Cow

Dec. 20th, 2010 12:53 pm
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So, last night, after I'd worked on cleaning the house all afternoon (with the fabulous girlfriend helping), the Ex came over to drop off Sonny's clothing and my citrus order. She had a slight reaction to seeing the front room looking neat and seeing her stuff "all packed up", and abruptly brought up the real estate agent coming to the house to assess it. This is part of the negotiation process, but hasn't been discussed since the last meeting quite some time ago. At the same time, I was putting on my coat to go to my office and review the weekend health report, since I'd only been in touch with the techs by email all weekend.

Needless to say, I was rather irritated and a little hurt by her obvious mean behavior. It took me about an hour to put her out of mind, and get back to daydreaming about my fabulous girlfriend.

Well. This afternoon I see an email from Herself, and she's apologizing for her behavior. How nice! I explained that I wasn't trying to get rid of her stuff, only organize it so it looked neater (semi-true) and that I was bringing stuff down from the guest bedroom also, to clean up the room for future use (mostly true). I then accepted her apology.

Deep down inside, the woman I once loved still has the decency to acknowledge her mistake. Too bad it's only a little bit of the old person left.

Back to work now.


Dec. 15th, 2010 11:04 pm
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I was bemoaning the amount of cleaning to do in my house, courtesy of an Ex who never followed through on her promises to review/screen/toss her old papers, and who has felt free to use my house as her storage facility..and then my fabulous girlfriend pointed out that I could hire professionals for a reasonable rate to box up all that crap, and stick it someplace out of the way. I've been so focused on my responsibilities that I'd overlooked the obvious.

I know I've been enabling Ex, mainly because she's using her presence on the mortgage as leverage for money -- in other words, she wants me to provide her with the down payment for her next house. And good luck with that! ::throws up two fingers in the age-old gesture::

Then I also pictured replacing the old shed with a brand new one, which has been a plan for years, and putting as much of her boxed crap in there as possible. I like this.

My fabulous girlfriend and my best friend have both offered to help me clean up around the house. I can haz fantastic friends..and Sonny had better get his butt in gear. His room is starting to look a right mess again. I am not pleased. And when Ema is Not Pleased, ain't nobody happy!

In other news, the kittens are crazy. They need to go to their room for the night. In the morning, I may have to box them, to keep them out of the way as the windows get replaced. I also have to finish moving the furniture away from the windows so the installers can get close. I have one dresser in the guest room, one buffet in the front room, and one bureau in my bedroom. Well, two.

At least I have the day off. I will enjoy myself at some point. Or else.
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Last time we met, I'd just received "Fun Home"; since then, Sonny's read it and used it for his latest book report, which got an A (on both the written part and the oral part), so good for him!

Ex continues to bury herself in work, particularly this time of year, with meetings coming up fast and furious, plus required briefings that she has to present (always a source of anxiety for her). She ended up coming over for help on her powerpoint last week, because someone else had written it, then decanted it over to her, and she was overwhelmed with information. I process information rapidly, even when I don't know much about it, so I was able to whittle down the number of slides and help her reorganize the flow of some of the slides. Today, when she called me in the middle of the day (to ask if I could pick him up from school), I helped her with another aspect of her talk: her boss had mentioned a bunch of topics/ideas he thought she should include. He's another fast processor, and hasn't caught on to the anxiety that produces in her. Anyway, I pointed out that she could refer to those advanced topics on a last slide, and reminded her that the institute has most of that information on their website. I could hear the relief in her voice as she realized that she could just point people to their URL and not have to add more slides/talk longer.

At the Scout meeting tonight, she ended up deciding to leave him at home with me tonight, even though he is technically at her place this week. She is getting ready to leave for a short meeting in NOLA this weekend, and needed more time to do her work/presentation practice. He's still enough of a distraction, and we're carpooling tomorrow anyway.

Yes, that was the other favor she called about this afternoon. She has a meeting across the street from my campus, at 8 am, and parking is very limited. If we carpool, she doesn't have to worry about any of that. The meeting ends right about at our normal end of day, so we'd carpool home. All this was her suggestion, not mine.

Last weekend, Sonny's school held their spring play -- starting Thursday night, actually -- and he was on the lighting crew. He seemed to enjoy it, and the play was good. We saw it more than once, as Ex was working the concession table at least twice, and I was helping with a number of different things. On Saturday, they had two showings, with a catered lunch in between. That meant I could drop him off, run up to the car dealer to work on car seat checks for three hours, run home, meet Ex, take her to a Preakness Party at my boss's house (he'd invited us before, but she'd never been able to go, just me), watch the race, drink some Black-Eyed Susans, eat delicious home cooked food (he had a career in catering during grad school), run back to the school, catch the last 20 minutes of the last show, take everyone back home, and say goodnight to Ex. On Sunday, we took the dogs down to the park for play time, then I took Sonny to church, along with the requested printouts for Herself, ran over to the school to help with "strike" (AKA cleanup after the play), ran back to the church, picked up Sonny and brought him back to the school for the post-strike cast/crew party, then home again for him to rest and Herself to show up with her presentation. It's all coming back to me now...

I was so glad when Monday rolled around.
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I suppose I should update..

When last we left our intrepid hero, it was St. Pat's and I was enjoying a wee drop of Bushmill's in honor of my granpa. Since then, we've had a bit of vacation, with Sonny's spring break, that coincided nicely with Passover. I used that excuse to drive him up to my parents' house for a few days. On the drive up, the clutch burned out -- going up a long steep hill, naturally -- and I successfully coasted across the crest, down into the visitor center in the median, where I attempted to call the 'rents. Only, in the hours between the last successful call and that time point, their phone line had gone out -- repeated busy signals for me -- and they don't leave their cell phones on. My only hope was to reach Mom by Facebook, but the blackberry couldn't get any service.

Cut to spare your flist )
And that is the update.
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I never had time to eat today, until after I got home and cooked dinner. It was a purely accidental observation of Yom Kippur.

BT has been delivered to the crematory, and her ashes will be ready after Wednesday. I haven't decided where to put them, although I'm leaning towards the usual place, at my parents' house. All of the other cats have been brought there to spend their afterlives together.

The crematory was very smoky (gee, I wonder why?) and I've been coughing slightly ever since I left. On the other hand, my sense of smell is heightened by this non-painful migraine that I've had since before she died.

Dinner was delicious: baked pork chops (in a marinade of Real Canadian Maple Syrup, Tabasco, balsamic vinaigrette, and a drop of oil); sauerkraut, sweet potato fries (from TJ, and they are yummy), along with crinkle-cut French fries for the others. Kedgie sniffed delicately at a well-done FF, but declined to nom it, so I tossed it over to Athena, who nommed it as fast as a dog can chomp. She's a good girl!

Cinder had a little excitement yesterday, when Brady scooted through the basement door as I opened it. He stopped half-way down, got real cautious, investigated around the bottom of the stairs, and then saw Cinder coming at him -- so he took off like a cat outta heck, followed by a black streak as she charged after him. They ran into the furnace room, where she cornered him under some boxes, snarling at him (and me, when I reached down). We got her out, scooped her up, and ended up putting her in the sun room for a little while -- long enough for both Brady and Kedgie to investigate and leave. He was a little twitchy for some time.

We have tickets to see Paula Poundstone at the Birchmere. It's for Honey's birthday. I've also ordered flowers to be delivered to her office on Thursday. She should like that; she loves flowers.

We had a lovely time having tea with new friends on Sunday afternoon. After we got home, Honey asked jokingly if I wanted tea, but I pointed to my fresh cuppa, and said, "I already made some."
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Sonny reached the end of Girl Genius Online, up through yesterday. Too bad he won't be able to read today's page [insert evil laugh] as he has a Boy Scout Camping Trip this weekend, leaving tonight.

And I have finished re-writing that massive missive document for the scientist who likes to do lots of everything.

Finally, today is my brother's birthday -- Happy 40th, Pat!


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