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The family went up to visit Honey's siblings, and do the gifty-thing with that crowd, while I stayed home because I'm on call. This just makes a nice quiet weekend for me.

So far today, I've cleaned the other side of the front room (another 4 bags of garbage) and vaccuumed the rug; fed the cats and inadvertently fed the dogs -- they stole the last of the Xmas cookies. Bad dogs. No more cookies for them! I've gone in to work to review the weekend report, and stopped at the store for more bread. Read the paper, took a shower, ate some leftovers...tomorrow, Brady will get one more injection of penicillin, which will get him out to 5 days post-last signs of infection (he last sneezed on Thursday, and has not had any issues since then). He has been sleeping under the Xmas tree, on the fluffy mat that covers the plastic. So cute!

I'm still waiting for the delivery of Kedgie's pheromone refills, because she's really grooming herself into chicken-leg territory.

Tomorrow I will be back at the church for bell ringing -- we did two services on the 24th, one at each church -- and then I can rest. Someone else in the choir had asked to store the "love buns" in our large freezer (rather than at the church), and they came by today to pick them up.

Band of Brothers is being run all day, so even though I've watched it umpteen times, I might just spend the day with Easy Company -- unless I can find some decent movies on TCM or some holiday movies that I haven't already watched. I got the DVD of "Up" for Xmas, but they took that along to PA -- love that movie. Best line: "Who wants the ball?!?"
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Slept in a bit this morning, until 7 am. Woo! Nice warm bed, with two sleeping cats next to me, and Honey had gone off to the gym, so I crawled back in to catch up on my newspaper readings. Then I moseyed out to the kitchen, wrapped a present (the big 13 is tomorrow!), and pondered breakfast. While I pondered, I spied some beans, and decided to make bean soup. I dragged out all the old celery and carrots that were wilting in the fridge, chopped them up, along with some garlic, doused them in TJs organic chicken stock, added a bag o'beans (didn't use the packaged spices as some of those use MSG), threw in some garlic powder (never can have too much garlic), minced onions, bay leaf, parsley and chili flakes. Then I sliced some bacon, briefly sauteed it, and dumped all that in too. It's all brewing in the crockpot, and smells like garlic and bacon. Oh, and celery. I put in a lot of celery. Sorry.

Around the time of the bacon sauteing, Honey was making her appointment for a hair cut, and got one for me too, so now my hair is shorter again. My hairdresser is going through chemo for breast cancer, and seems to be doing well so far. She was very chatty today, and we talked about a lot of different things, including the election. I noticed she very carefully asked if I was happy about the election, which was a diplomatic way of putting it! Even in this very blue state there are McCain supporters around too. We talked so much Honey arrived for her appointment -- a half-hour after mine -- and Sonny came along with her. He's been growing lately, and she mentioned that he is a good-looking kid. I told her he turns 13 tomorrow, and he's getting another Game Boy game, which he won't be playing until tomorrow.

We were hoping to have his party/celebration today, but his best friend can't do it today, so next weekend is more likely. Today our plans include the shopping for the Game Boy game, a bit of the Army-Navy game on tv now (I wear the Navy sweatshirt as a Goucher grad (which is a long story), and Honey wears the Army sweatshirt as a former officer in the Army), followed by Madagascar Two: Back 2 Africa in about 35 minutes from now.

More later.

Mmmm, bacon.
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For one reason or another, we've decided to take the Boy for early morning runs. We're a hlaf-mile uphill from a school with a decent track, so that's where we all headed this am, early and not-yet-bright. With my trusty pedometer on my hip, we walked down the hill, ran three laps on the half-mile track, walked uphill to the store, and walked back home. Total mileage for the hour+ was 6 miles.

Then the Boy went to his karate class. We are all currently in the family room watching Xmas classics on tv, while the pumpkin-apple butter pie bakes. This is a new recipe that the paper recently published; it sounded yummy so we are trying it out today. After this finishes baking we'll put the turkey in and have a little feast for the second night of Hannukah.

With all the trekking back and forth within the house, my mileage is up to 7 miles for the day. :-)

The rabbits and raccoons are singing in Rudolph's Xmas. Ah, there's the buzzer. Pie's done. Time to put turkey in.


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