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Our camping trip was interesting. Honey took Sonny on Friday, intending to set up camp, while I followed with the dogs on Saturday.

Forgetting to pack the poles for the tent resulted in them sleeping in the car overnight. At least I did find the correct bag o'poles for this tent (we have more than one tent -- Honey can't stop buying them).

She'd also forgotten to pack Sonny's meds, so that meant he was less helpful until I arrived.

After all that, she headed out to her high school reunion *cough30yearscough* and I hung out with the dogs as well as the church group. Sonny was off playing and I didn't see much of him until dinner-ish.

The next morning he wasn't hungry, so we didn't do the traditional church group pancake breakfast. He fished and caught a small fish, probably a smallmouth bass, which I unhooked and released. The dogs played catch-the-ball with any one who would kick or throw the ball with them. He worked on his bike, and rode it around for a while. I cooked some eggs and bacon, drank my tea, and chatted with anyone who stopped by.

Noonish we packed and drove to Uncle Jim's for a non-birthday party, at which all of the other family dogs were also in attendance -we had (IIRC) 15 dogs in the yard, which was luckily big enough. The dogs ran around chasing the tennis ball and ignoring the 13 other dogs.

Then Athena collapsed.

I realized she was in distress from heat stroke, got her into the shade, and we hosed her down. We packed ice all around her and kept her soaking wet. At least a hour went by before she was recovered enough to stand, and the silly goober wanted to chase the ball again.

Instead, I packed them into my car and took them home. She's had no signs of any problems, although I've been extra-paranoid about her activity levels, so we're not playing any form of catch, even the indoor kick-ball version. She's been perky and lick-obsessed, as per usual, plus she is getting extra hugs-n-kisses.
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My grandfather spent one night in the US Army, before they released him under Roosevelt's rule (new father, older age). He always claimed he thought he was going to die, because "the fire went out".

My father failed the draft physical, or else he would have gone into the Marines and been sent to Vietnam as a second lieutenant.

My partner spent nine years in the Army, 3.5 on active duty in the Medical Service Corps and 5.5 on inactive ready reserve.

There are other ways to serve this country, by donating blood or volunteering at shelters, or by becoming a firefighter or EMT. We are all thankful for those who have already given, and remember the fallen.
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The History Channel has been running a Band of Brothers marathon, and the last of the ten episodes is playing now. Easy Company is liberating Berchtesgaden and the Eagles Nest.

Episode Nine has a special meaning for me, because it describes how the paratroopers liberated the concentration camps. My relatives died in some of those camps, and a few lived through it.

Back in my home town, I knew a man in the temple who'd been in the American Army and helped liberate a camp. When he told the story one day another, older, man began to cry. He'd been in the camp and been liberated by his fellow Jew. Neither had realized it until that moment.

My father-in-law was a combat engineer, served in the Pacific and rose to the rank of sergeant.

Today is a day of reflection and remembrance. Today, we put aside our opinions about which war is justified and whether anyone lied. Today we think of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and PHS personnel who serve in uniform, in the United States and around the world. Today, we simply say "Thank you".


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