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Still alive, still breathing, still no other clinical signs. Very puzzling. I did palpate a possible enlarged thyroid, on the right side of the trachea -- now I have to figure out whether he also has hyperthyroidism.

No jaundice, no diarrhea, no cardiac thrill, pulses that could be (barely) palpated were steady and not galloping. I could not really do any abdominal palpation as that upset him.

He wasn't interested in food when I got home, so I went ahead with 10 mg Solu-Delt and 4 mg of Dex. About an hour later he was up and had his face in a bowl, but he didn't eat a lot -- he's slowing down. I mushed some of the food into warm water and left it, and saw him lever himself up to investigate, so I have hopes that he might have eaten some more.

I'll give him some more Solu-Delt and Dex before I go to bed, and we'll see if staggering it like this helps any.

Other news: I learned today that one of my cousins (I have only two first cousins, my dad's older sister had two sons) was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, and was having surgery today. This upset my mother, as she likes him and his wife; we all like him -- he's a nice guy, and funny. I wanted to know more so I called my aunt, who had gone to the hospital, and she called back a little while ago. The surgeon said it's Stage IV, because there's liver metastases already. The primary tumor was only golf-ball-sized, and did not have any perforation or blockage. The National Cancer Institute has a page on colon cancer for medical professionals. There's still good results for this stage, depending on several factors.

It's still a scary cancer. Honey lost one of her aunts about 2 years ago, and that was a huge loss. Aunt B was very welcoming -- a true Christian woman -- and I mourned almost as much as she did. And of course, anyone who's been on LJ long enough might remember [ profile] kielle who died rapidly from advanced colon cancer.

But other than that, life is fine, as Mrs. Lincoln once said. I have a cat asleep on my lap (Brady), the Son has done homework and gone off to bed secure in the knowledge that he has a day off tomorrow (for Yom Kippur -- I never dreamed that one day the schools would acknowledge Jewish holidays!) and we don't, so I'll be running around as usual.
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The Honey's family arrived to pick up their car and go home, so in the noise of their arrival avec Honey, and the departure, both Kedgie and Buzz dove under the bed to hide from the strangers(!) and noise. When they came out, Buzz came to the bedroom door, so I offered him his dinner, which he is currently eating despite Kedgie's best attempts to snag it for herself, the pig. I did see her and Buzz making cat kisses before this, so things are better between them.

Although he is now eating well, of tuna, gooshy fud and dry, he is still breathing heavily. He's standing throughout his dinner, and is not stopping for breath, so that's all good. I suspect his PO2 is ok, although I do want to borrow a pulse ox and check it.

Oh, I gave him a second dose of dexamethasone around 7-ish, because he wasn't responding fast enough and the other major steroid may have "worn off" already (the depot from yesterday). Solu-delt works rapidly and leaves rapidly, so it's not useful in chronic conditions. Now he's had a total of about 6 mg, which is close enough to the calculated dose of 7 mg (for an IV dose) that I think this will work.


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