Mar. 26th, 2013 10:02 pm
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I figured I'd save everybody's eyes and refrain from posting repetitively each day: "Loki slowly came over for some petting and food; Junie remains hidden". Until this morning! Junie poked her head out from under the bed, and then realized I hadn't finished exiting, so I got The Stare.

Loki is now waiting out in the open when I come in -- no more hiding -- and still nervous about the petting, but also looking forward to it.

He's got a lump on the side of his face -- can't feel it for long enough to know whether it's a mat, or a lump, and not sure where exactly it is, so I will have to box him for a trip to the cat vet soon. Otherwise he seems healthy!
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A holiday I've not celebrated in 36 years, but I understand quite a lot of folks do.

Loki was out faster this morning, but Junie still hides. Food is being et, and litter box is being used, so I'll just leave them be. He got a fair amount of petting while I sat there with him.
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Thursday, saw and petted Loki once in the am; all food eaten at every meal. He came catapulting (sorry) out of hiding when I rattled the bag of cat treats. Tonight, Sonny confirmed the presence of two sets of gleaming eyes under his bed, so Junie has used the wormhole in both directions.

This morning I sat in the room for a bit; long enough for Loki to travel across me twice, groom himself and be petted, then plop himself on top of the futon couch. He's a good kitty.

More pictures anon.
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Still no sign of Junie B. I am piqued by the possibility of a small wormhole in my son's bedroom: it would explain a LOT. Loki continues to hide under the bed. I didn't push anything tonight, just sat and talked to him while he reclined. I could see that some food had been eaten, so I refreshed the plates with gooshy food and left.
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And yonder light didst break the -- sorry, sorry.

Loki eventually crawled out from under the bed to sniff my finger, then realize he'd met me yesterday and got some skritches along with gooshy food. Junie B, however, was nowhere to be found. Clearly, she's got herself an AWESOME hiding place, which is probably inside the box spring. Since she ate well last night, I'm not too worried about her. Loki wandered past me, used the litter box, wandered back, and alternated between skittish and friendly. I took several pictures of him, and here's one you can see:

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They were both hiding under the bed. I made eye contact with Loki (thanks to the gleam off the back of his eyes), talked to them for a bit, and left fresh foods.
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Well, tonight I found them hiding in the closet, which was not surprising as it's a nice closed quiet space perfect for traumatized kitties. I petted both of them (!!) and Loki began exploring the room, while Junie decided that I did know how to pet her after all. However, once he got out of sight, Loki forgot who I was and ran from me. Junie got a good brushing, lots of petting, quite a bit of gooshy food, and was a happy cat. She flopped at my knees, purring.


ETA: Some of the tuna did get sucked up by one or both hongry kittehs. Nobody was up for playing with the sparkly balls. The alligator is still downstairs, and was found by a very interested Brady, who dug into the bag to find this Interesting Thing. Unfortunately, he left as soon as I got my camera ready for action. All I managed was a picture of a dog nose near the bag.

Day One

Mar. 11th, 2013 01:45 pm
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This morning, very little food actually eaten overnight. They're still under the bed when I come in, although they have used the litter box. Poor kitties! It's not unusual for cats to hide for several days, particularly after a trauma like this. Keep your fingers crossed.
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They are currently hiding under the bed in my son's bedroom, and will shortly dine on tuna, with a side of catnip and fresh water. I'll post about them as often as possible, hopefully with pictures!


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