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It came back, or another virus moved in opportunistically. Damn you Rhinoviruses! I'll get you somehow!

Anyhoo, been in bed drinking tea and hacking away since Monday AM. At least I don't have any fever, for which I am grateful. I'm even happier when I'm not coughing up lungs and other innards.

Oy. Time to pull out that Netflix dvd of L Word that we've been meaning to watch so I can send it back and get more movies. Serenity is on its way here, replacing Young Sherlock Holmes (which was pretty good, and the music just as neat as I remembered).

No new books to read though.
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..well, it's only day five or six of my cold, but who's counting?* In realistic terms, I've reached the "Totally Aggravated Stage", which has followed the "Almost Coughing, Mostly Achy Day" (#1), "Coughing My Lungs Out Day" (#2), "Extremely Sore Abdominal Muscles and Sneezing Fit Day" (#3), "Beginnings of Hope Only to be Dashed by Leftover Sneezing Fits Day" (#4), and "Back Muscle Spasms, or Ha! Moved Out of the Respiratory System But Not Gone Day" (#5). OK, today is really day #6, or "Oh No, You're Not Getting Out of Bed Yet with This Back, You're Not!".

At least I can still surf the net, even from a semi-prone position, which allows me to remain on a heating pad, with a cat comfortably nested under the covers and a cuppa next to me. Also good is the lack of any Important Stuff To Do this week, unlike last week. Friday was day #2, and I also had to give a 10 minute presentation at the very end of a morning of presentations. (Our section was the only one to actually adhere to the time limits. Every other speaker went over time, and not by a little either.)

I may have spoken a little faster than usual. My 10-min presentation took approximately 3 minutes. Maybe 4 minutes. It didn't stop people from learning what they needed to know about our section. After a quick bite of lunch, I went back to the office, did rounds, and went home early.

*That would be me.


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