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The family went up to visit Honey's siblings, and do the gifty-thing with that crowd, while I stayed home because I'm on call. This just makes a nice quiet weekend for me.

So far today, I've cleaned the other side of the front room (another 4 bags of garbage) and vaccuumed the rug; fed the cats and inadvertently fed the dogs -- they stole the last of the Xmas cookies. Bad dogs. No more cookies for them! I've gone in to work to review the weekend report, and stopped at the store for more bread. Read the paper, took a shower, ate some leftovers...tomorrow, Brady will get one more injection of penicillin, which will get him out to 5 days post-last signs of infection (he last sneezed on Thursday, and has not had any issues since then). He has been sleeping under the Xmas tree, on the fluffy mat that covers the plastic. So cute!

I'm still waiting for the delivery of Kedgie's pheromone refills, because she's really grooming herself into chicken-leg territory.

Tomorrow I will be back at the church for bell ringing -- we did two services on the 24th, one at each church -- and then I can rest. Someone else in the choir had asked to store the "love buns" in our large freezer (rather than at the church), and they came by today to pick them up.

Band of Brothers is being run all day, so even though I've watched it umpteen times, I might just spend the day with Easy Company -- unless I can find some decent movies on TCM or some holiday movies that I haven't already watched. I got the DVD of "Up" for Xmas, but they took that along to PA -- love that movie. Best line: "Who wants the ball?!?"
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Brady has been steadily getting better every day. Sunday, when he was clingy and sleepy, was probably his fever peaking; he perked up once the ketoprofen kicked in, and even wanted dinner around midnight. Since then, his sneezing has decreased in frequency and intensity, and he's been eating well.

Kedgie has been overgrooming her legs again, so I ordered refills on the feliway diffusers -- I'd let them finish to see what would happen. She just might like having pheromones in the air -- the other two cats don't seem to notice.

The department finally gave me a blackberry, although I'm surprised they gave me one with a camera. Oh well, at least I can check emails while I'm out of my office, which can be frequent. Unlike someone I know, I do not have it in the bedroom with me.
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My brother-in-law is getting both knees replaced soon -- this week, I think. It may be too late to point him at the article by Jane Brody in the New York Times, but anyone who is pondering this surgery should look at her latest report.

Ms. Brody had her knees replaced three years ago, and brings up some good points for prospective patients. It's in today's NY Times Online, and is probably in the print edition as well.


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