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It was a quiet day at work, which was nice after yesterday's hectic schedule, and good, because of the migraine that woke me at 4:30 am and surged all day.

I left for home a tiny bit early, let the dogs out, sat on the couch a while, fed everyone, and waited for Honey. Today's BT report: she had eaten all the fur from breakfast, but only some of the dry. I put down her fresh fur, she ate, and demanded pettings, then followed me to the other room. Cinder popped out and they traded spaces, until Cinder came back in and attempted to muscle in on BT's dish. I blocked her, so she decided I should pet her for a while, which I did, and then she walked briskly out the door -- quickly, so I couldn't stop her. I didn't bother trying; I just walked out behind her and closed the door on BT.

We went out to dinner, had a nice time, brought back most of our dishes ("side" salads are huge!), and agreed on ice cream at home. I'd seen some vanilla ice cream on sale at Costco recently, and it is good ice cream. I had put it it in the big freezer, downstairs, so I woke Cinder at the top of the stairs, and we went in to see. BY. All of her dinner had been eaten! Good girl. I got the ice cream and left the door open for the night, so the girls could roam the basement.

Then I watched some Rachel, caught the end of the Alouettes game against the Argonauts. I especially like watching the Alouettes' home games, because their stadium is right next to the Neuro, where some good friends work.

Time for bed. Leftover migraine sleepiness plus anti-histamines and lack of sleep last night equal very tired bear.
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Tonight, Kedgie discovered the space inside the recliner part of the couch. At first I wondered if we were having an earthquake; it was that same kind of low frequency rumble. Even better, she stayed in there for a good while, until I reached back and poked her for long enough.

The Honey is in mid-air, on her way home from Reno. Tomorrow she takes Sonny to the beach for a week. Whatever will I do? Oh, yeah: go to work every day. At least we have next Friday off, and I get a comp day on Thursday, so I'll get a four day weekend.

Obligatory MJ reference: don't have any of his music, and always thought he was a sad and lonely person.
Farrah Fawcett's death was even sadder; I came to respect her for trying to be a real actress instead of just a pretty face. The death that's been most on my mind, though, was on Wednesday: Dr. Jerri Lin Cahill (Nielsen) FitzGerald, known for fighting cancer while stationed at the South Pole. She held on until she could be rescued from the Pole. After reading her book about the ordeal, I've wondered what it would be like to go there myself. I wish I could.


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