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Aug. 10th, 2009 09:37 am
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She's been gradually speeding up her nomming of fud, and acting less picky about the flavors. As a result, she gets to spend more time with her sister again, not that they seem to care about it. Every time they first see each other, they almost literally pass each other by, to get to the other room. (Oh, hai..must see other room!) She's also been eating her dry food, labeled OM for zenlike goodness. I'll repeat her Depo-Medrol dose next weekend, and then we'll see about tapering her off. She also seems to be putting back on some of the weight she lost, from what I can feel just along the spine.

She spends enough time at the top of the stairs that she is getting the interest of Kedgie and Brady; they sniff more along the door, particularly in the mornings. As long as nobody starts any fights under the door, we'll all be fine.

It has become incredibly hot and generally awful outside, so the dogs get short walks early in the AM, and that's it. Of course, Brady loves to spend the day in the sun room, soaking up the rays. Kedgie likes to sit out there in the morning, watching the birds and squirrels run around, but then she shifts to cooler spaces as the day goes on.

The dogs are finally settled at night, now that the Son is home from all his camping. He has no camps now, so we decided to experiment with leaving him at home. He has several tasks to complete before he can spend hours on the Wii, and we shall see how well he does. Cleaning his room is all-important, and hopefully he will begin to keep it clean longer.

Coffee yogurt from Dannon is a half-way decent breakfast. In case anyone was wondering.
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So, we've sent off mom-in-law to her final repose, collected the son from computer camp, made him do laundry for two days, packed him up again, and sent him off to Scout camp for the week. We've taken the time to dine upon fine Ethiopian cuisine (mm, doro wot), which the son enjoys not, and we've made arrangements for another parent to deliver son's handbook, which he forgot at home.

In addition, about a week or a week-anna-half ago, I noticed that BT just didn't have her usual appetite. Oh, she waited at the top of the stairs, escorted me volubly to their dining area, and put her face in the bowl -- and then she'd very shortly walk away. And not even to her sister's bowl, either: away. Done.

No, that isn't normal, missy; you get back here and eat!

Meh. Ok, maybe I will. Changed my mind again! Oh, tuna! Meh.

It's been like this all week. I finally decided it could be IBD, irritable bowel syndrome, because she does not have clinical signs of diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or lymphoma. So tonight, after she'd eaten most of her tuna (!), and even eaten some more (fresh, with added pettings!), I scruffed her, palpated the abdomen real quick -- NAF -- and gave her 20 mg of Depo-Medrol IM. She scurried off, but at least she did not hiss or swat, so she wasn't too upset.

Only time will tell me if I've got the right diagnosis, and treatment. Keep your fingers crossed.

Day Three

Sep. 27th, 2008 09:29 pm
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Well, Friday went apparently well -- no emails or phone calls from school. He did get cranky in the evening, and told me that it had worn off. Possible.

Today, mostly good, with a little outburst around dinner time because he didn't want either of the two restaurants we were standing in front of, and he got outvoted. He doesn't lose well, and he lost it. Still, it was much more minimal than it has been, except for the back-talk, and he calmed down fairly quickly. Eventually it dawned on him that he should apologize, and he admitted he'd been the cause of the entire problem. He wasn't really hungry, which is an expected effect of the medication, but we guided him into choosing a salad and a crab cake.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day. After they come back from church, we will be zooming up to see his grandmother/Honey's sister for her birthday. His birth mother is her daughter, and she will likely be around. I just hope we don't have too much detoxing to do on the way home.
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The dogs are exceedingly tired tonight, and no wonder: even though we spent a total of four hours in the car, they also spent five hours mostly running around after a tennis ball.

My partner's younger brother hosted the family picnic today. His large yard is fenced in, and they have four dogs. After a little spat with their largest dog, Sam, our dogs focused on the ball and everyone relaxed. Hercules and Athena picked out the likliest next person when they wanted to play again, and dropped the ball at the chosen victim's one's feet. Most people obliged willingly, even though that ball got slimy and soaked in no time at all.

They ran around all day and will sleep very well tonight. I let them out in the back yard before dinner, and I won't bother walking them tonight. I think they deserve a rest. ;-)


Feb. 27th, 2007 03:42 pm
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::does happy dance::

We just learned that our son has been selected by lottery for a performing arts magnet middle school. We've been hoping that he would get in during the first cycle, and he did -- this should play to his strengths (he's a scene-chewing ham of the nth degree) and support him through those difficult pre- and early adolescent years.

This calls for a celebration, and cake, and ice cream. Or an ice cream cake.



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