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First, a "Happy Birthday!!!" to [ profile] i_calql8, and many more! The virtual PBRK with choklit on top are over there, next to the tall glass of moo.

Then, after a decent day of work (patients healing, paperwork processing, no angry meetings, Sonny had another fabulous note from his math teacher for being well-behaved in class, etc.), we arrived home to a disaster.

For a moment there, it felt like we have two puppies rather than two dogs who are almost 6 years old. What did they do? I hear your anguished cries, and I'll tell you.

First, they knocked down the gate that keeps them to a restricted area (front room and upstairs). This gave them access to every part of the house except the basement.

Then they opened the door to the garbage receptacle, pulled out all the garbage, and opened every bag of kitty litter, and there were three or four of those. They cleaned out the box in which the chicken from Pollo Campero had been transported home. They probably ate a few things, too, because someone then opened another gate, to the master bedroom, and left a large damp spot on the rug in the little anteroom.

I had been suspicious before I opened the front door, because they weren't at the door barking, as they usually are. But the smell of used cat litter was kind of a giveaway.

What else can you do? We delayed our dinner to clean the kitchen, picked up all the pieces of the shattered Pyrex mixing bowl that got shoved off the counter, and sent Sonny off to walk the dogs.


Home Again

Feb. 22nd, 2009 06:06 pm
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We went on a ski trip with the Scout Troop, so we have spent the weekend dealing with high levels of testosterone and a long drive. We left Friday afternoon, once Sonny was released from his education edifice, and the dogs had been deposited in the canine kenneling location. Despite our use of the HOV lanes, we still had buckets of traffic to wade through as we got north, and then we had a lengthy trip west to the resort. By the time we got near, it was dark enough that we couldn't appreciate the scenery. Somehow we parked, found our way to the contact person, and received our "chalet" key card, meal tickets, and other tickets. We had eaten on the way, so we weren't hungry, and we wandered the halls of the resort for a while. Eventually the rest of the group collected, the kids settled in to watch tv, and the grownups took the chance for an evening "out" at one of the lounges. Two pitchers of beer later, we all agreed that it was bedtime, and away we went.

Bright and early the next morning, everyone was up and ready to go. Breakfast needed eating, skis needed renting, and the slopes needed skiing. The younger scouts needed some training first, and Honey sat in on the class with them, as she hasn't been on the slopes in about a year or so. Unfortunately for her, she let herself become a "buddy" for one of the new scouts, who had never skiied before, and they ended up on a trail ski that was slightly above his ability to ski. He was apparently petrified by any semblance of speed, and consequently it took them 2 hours to get down the mountain. By the time they got to the bottom, her feet were hurting (a mix of bunched socks and slightly too-tight ski boots), so she was Done for the day. By that time, it was nearly dinner, so we took a short break, had a quick nap, met for dinner, collect our tubing tickets, and wandered until it was time to go snowtubing.

This was not quite as much fun as I would have expected, but it wasn't bad. Everyone kept moving along efficiently, and the "magic carpet" made the climb back to the top a lot less tiresome. I went down the slides 4 times, and then was done; Honey managed another run before she stopped. Sonny had not dressed appropriately for the cold (no hat, no gloves, no snow pants) and gave up before either of us, although he wouldn't admit it.

By the time we were done with tubing it was nearly 10 pm, so we turned in for the night. Yes, we're old farts who need to be in bed at a decent hour.

In the early AM, we packed the car, ate breakfast at the buffet again, and headed out. Overnight it had actually snowed, so there was a nice fluffy layer of 2 inches on top of everything, and it was still snowing occasionally. We drove down the mountain through snow, without the benefit of windshield washer fluid, because Honey's car seems to be designed to let the fluid lines freeze up. It takes hours for the lines to defrost, so I had to manage the drive by letting cars or trucks pass us for a quick spray and then turn off the wipers to prevent huge amounts of smearing. Finally, way down the elevation and hours away, we got our spray back and I could see again.

It was a nice drive through rural Pennsylvania -- farm country, with some developments -- and semi-rural Maryland. Old farmhouses, working dairy farms, sod farms, some cows, corn stubbled-fields, and the occasional raptorial bird flying lazy circles over the area.

We got home around noonish, quickly freshened up for our little neighborly gathering -- Sonny stayed home and cleaned up his room a bit -- and then got the dogs liberated from the kennel. They were very bouncy, clean and happy; they'd just been fed, so we got them home and Sonny took them to the playground for a little activity.

Now we're waiting for the Chinese food delivery, after which we shall partake of General Tso's Chicken, steamed dumplings, vegetable lo mein and steamed rice. The cats have been fed their gooshy fud; the boy is studying Spanish, the Honey is working on her exam -- she gets to make them now -- and I should be reviewing a document for work.
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As some of you may recall, we went from a one-dog family to a two-dog family last year (and the advent of the Three Dog Night is..?). Having been a single dog unit for more than 14 years, we are rather set in our ways, but we can cope with two slightly smaller dogs, with more energy. They get walked in the AM and PM, and played with; we leave all sorts of toys with them, and so on.

So, lately, when they started attacking Honey's pillow on a daily basis, it became a puzzling annoyance. Why her pillow? They'd shredded one of my pillows when we were returning from Montreal, but nothing since. Why pillows in the first place?

We bought new pillows. The next evening we found her new pillow attacked and bleeding stuffing all over the bed. Emergency surgery was performed and the patient was stabilized. Repeat again, the next night.

We pulled the covers ALL the way up over our pillows. Upon our return, we found the covers ALL the way down the bed and the pillow again left to forlornly extrude stuffing.

Well. Ve haff vays.

Today, we rearranged things. Normally they sleep upstairs at night, in the boy's bedroom. We blocked off the kitchen doorway at the bottom of the stairs, and closed off the little double door to the hallway, which gave them: all of the upstairs, the stairway, and the front room. They could protect the house and not shred her poor pillow. The only remaining question was "do we have any food items in the front room?", and we knew they'd answer that for us.

Tonight's answer was "No." It seems they could find only some flattened cardboard to be recycled, and if they want to shred that, they have our blessings.

Now we have nice soft new pillows that are unharmed, or at least in one case, not harmed again.
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The dogs are exceedingly tired tonight, and no wonder: even though we spent a total of four hours in the car, they also spent five hours mostly running around after a tennis ball.

My partner's younger brother hosted the family picnic today. His large yard is fenced in, and they have four dogs. After a little spat with their largest dog, Sam, our dogs focused on the ball and everyone relaxed. Hercules and Athena picked out the likliest next person when they wanted to play again, and dropped the ball at the chosen victim's one's feet. Most people obliged willingly, even though that ball got slimy and soaked in no time at all.

They ran around all day and will sleep very well tonight. I let them out in the back yard before dinner, and I won't bother walking them tonight. I think they deserve a rest. ;-)
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Even though we are still painting the remaining corner of the old part of his bedroom, Sonny is now asleep in his new bedroom -- the part that was originally going to be a walk in closet. New carpet arrived on Friday, and we finished putting the bed in place this evening. He had been enjoying the life of sleeping on the couch in the family room but I guess even a diet of delicacies will pall eventually.

And if all goes well tomorrow, we will become the proud new parents of 3.5 year old labs -- a brother and sister looking for a new home. I'd post pictures, but then everyone would want them. ;-)


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