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When the Ex moved out, she took the bed we'd been using, so I had to go back to my old mattress and box (no spring), although I did have a new frame to put them on. Let's just describe the old one as "firmer" than the bed that left. It took some time to get "comfortable" on it, and when the FG came along, she found it less than optimally comfortable.

We shopped at Ikea, but I didn't like the prices. Sonny and FG kept picking out the most expensive pillow-top comfort mattresses. Finally, however, Costco had a deal on an expensive-type of mattress, so I ordered it online. Naturally, they wanted to deliver during the week of Thanksgiving, but I was out of town and didn't get their messages until afterwards.

Once I'd arranged for delivery, I happened to luck into another queen-size mattress being given away at work. That one required renting a truck from Home Depot, and the muscles of the FG along with me, but we wrestled it into the Son's bedroom. He now has the futon as a couch (and fairly comfortable at that), plus his new mattress/box spring on the floor, which is irresistible to all teens. As an unwanted effect, his room is also cleaner again.

Then mine arrived. I'd arranged for delivery during a week of vacation, but as my luck would have it, I had to spend several hours at work on Tuesday -- and yes, as you would imagine, the delivery coincided precisely with the time I needed to be present at work. Luckily, the FG was able to spend some time at my house waiting for the delivery, and went home once the bed was in place.

That bed was so comfortable I almost didn't get out of bed this morning. Flannel sheets, soft mattress top over a firm-ish mattress, and nice new pillows all made me and two cats into very happy sleepers. I can hardly wait to go to bed again. I may or may not miss my actual FG.

Kidding! It's much better with a FG. It's a larger bed than my old one, so we have more room to sleep.

As for the old bed, it's back in the guest room with the frame that held it. The old frame was too small to hold a modern queen, so the ninja kitty gets a bed in his room.

The Son still wants to sleep on the couch*, because he wants the dogs with him. Cinder is ambivalent about the dogs. One day she merely sniffed noses with Athena, and another day she hissed fiercely at them. I figure she's not too long for this world, so I may re-arrange the kitty locations. Rico can handle the pups, and now that he's getting older, he's actually got periods of time where he sits for more than five seconds.

*He did find his new bed very comfortable, though, and hasn't complained too much about lack of canine companionship at night.
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Ah, times flies like a banana.

Anyway! We last saw our Intrepid Heroine dealing with the site visit and a hospitalized Sonny. The site visit went well, no major errors and a visit team that seemed to think we are doing a good job.

The Sonny was an inpatient for 10 days, then released to the Ex -- he chose to stay with her this summer, after she suggested that he stay with one person instead of switching every week -- and started outpatient care on a daily basis at that hospital. After two days of outpatient therapy, he indicated that the voices hadn't left completely, despite the decreased dose of Concerta, and they readmitted him. They changed his medications -- dropped the Concerta and his antidepressant, and added a drug that covers both needs -- and his improvement was rapid. He was released yesterday; he's been goofy and free of voices ever since the med change. His ADHD is less tightly controlled, but that's not an issue during the summertime.

His summer school plans have been cancelled; he'll retake Geometry this fall -- at least he isn't falling behind, because he'd actually been taking Geometry earlier than "usual" after doing Algebra in the 8th grade. He has to retake his tech course, but he will take a different one, and he ended up passing English after all. All he has now are the summer reading book reports, and possibly some math review.

Eventually, we'll have some therapy sessions all together. It will be interesting. I forgot to post about Ex finding out that I'm dating, at the family meeting for his first release from the hospital; it was special. The Sonny exited the room to think about picking one of us for the summer; the therapist turned to us and said something about how the separation was still an issue for him, and especially since we seemed to be "moving on", and she jumped in with "Some of us more so than others!" and whipped her head around to glare at me.

Reader, I lol'd. Seriously! Not at her, but later on, when I could relax a bit. Who would have thought that after dumping me, refusing therapy, blaming me for our shortcomings, and letting more than a year go by, that she would mind me dating? I certainly wasn't going to get her permission to do so. It still makes me laugh.

It made the FG laugh too.

The FG and I are having lots of fun watching movies like "Rocky Horror Motion Picture Show" (1975! Holy cow!) and "Big Trouble in Little China" (1986), hanging out with her friends for the Fourth, and other fine activities.

In other news, there was a kitten who appeared at my feet on one of the nights Sonny did not come home (the one where he was "passed out"); this kitten was brought indoors for some kitten milk and I attempted to find his owners. After three weeks, I went ahead and neutered him. He's still primarily in the guest room, although this morning I woke to find him running around after Cleo and Brady, neither of whom really appreciated having a strange kitten chasing them. The Sonny named him Rico, and eventually he'll fit in with the gang. The dogs have already become less frightening to him, and they meet noses nicely.
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1. I finally had the chance to try Amaretto with Costco's Super Premium Vanilla ice cream...delicious!

2. Suzanne Westenhoefer is hilarious, and in fine fettle this year. Turns out her wife was cheating on her, and continued to cheat throughout therapy, with a professional volleyball player who is deeply closeted. Oops! Never piss off a comedian!

3. The Ex and the FG met at the show. Hands were shaken. Each spoke one sentence ("Hi, I'm Ex." "I'm FG") and then we spent the rest of the evening with our backs to her group, enjoying Suzanne's comedy.

4. FG is enjoying me reading "The Curse of Chalion" to her, and is appreciative of Lois McMaster Bujold's writing skilz.

5. The stray/abandoned cat on FG's doorstep is now at the emergency clinic, getting warm fluids and tender loving care. Don't know if he/she will make it, being hypothermic and dehydrated, but if s/he does, there's a new home. Guaranteed.


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