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Metro shelving is now put together, the easiest one so far -- all those hours of swearing and getting fingers pinched have finally paid off. Of course, Cinder attempted to escape from the room, as the door doesn't close tightly when the ambient humidity drops below 35%, and it can be easily pushed open by a cat nose. Ha. After her failure, she hopped up onto the lower shelf where her "bed" is, and watched me put the new one up. BT disappeared the instant I started shifting things around, as her hiding place was in this location and I was doing Strange Things, which means she needs to hide anyway. I think she went behind the heat pump which would be a nice quiet and warm place to go.

The AC/Heating company has been called, and they will come out tomorrow for the annual checkup requested by the heat pump. Yes, the thermostat gives us messages like "Annual check requested" and other fine things. Since it's so polite about it, the least I can do is call it in.

Now I need to make a shopping list for Homo Depot* and plan to pick up a few items for the fixing of things, like a sheet of plywood for the bottom of the shelving in the pantry closet. I had measured the space, but didn't measure between the baseboards, and the shelving unit was just the right size for the closet..only above the baseboards. So now I need to raise up the shelving unit with a platform.

I also need some shelf brackets to put in a few upper shelves for a different closet, although that may wait a bit.

I finally got some longer staples, but we still haven't fixed the cable line under the bedroom -- I went in the other day, and managed not to succeed at placing the new whatchamacallit or at crimping it on. Hmph. They make it sound so simple.

I suppose I should think about dinner too.

*You do see a lot of lesbians there, don't you? It's practically our ancient gathering place.
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We had our inaugural Family Meeting this morning. Honey called the meeting to order at 9:30, and as there were no minutes to review we jumped right into item #1 on our agenda: Outside Activity -- upon presentation of the suggested activities, and review of the predicted weather, we voted to delay this item to tomorrow. Item #2 -- Indoor Activity -- we reviewed the suggested activities and prioritized them. After a brief discussion of the personnel assigned to specific tasks, we moved on to the upcoming site visitors, who will be here at the same time as the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics.

The Chair also pointed out that the family has been working hard lately to keep the house getting cleaner, and she praised the department staff for their efforts in this matter.

We discussed the social obligations for the coming week, and then adjourned the meeting.

Future items of discussion to include (1) school lunch menus (2) school items shopping, primarily clothing and disposables.

ObFeline: Brady was in a playful mood this morning, so he started playing with Buzz's tail from under the bathroom door. Buzz watched Brady with big eyes, and mreh-ed at him a few times, then walked away.
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I've spent the past two hours rapidly reviewing technical proposals for a task order, and I'm only half way through. My eyes are crossing. My head hurts.

Then I have to go back over these slowly, paying attention to seemingly minor details. Why, you ask, am I subjecting myself to this? Because I volunteered to be on the committee that will choose the new contractor for this task order. It's on-the-job training of sorts, and I'm sure to learn all sorts of good things doing this.

It is the ineffable nature of bureaucracies that they feed on and require large quantities of paperwork. Even in this age of computerized submissions, we still have reams of paper. It's tradition.

For now, I shall set them aside and ponder them.

ObFeline: Brady has discovered the open storage bin partly full of clean clothing, decided that he must contribute to the cause, and has gone to sleep on top of said clothing -- which will now also store a large amount of his black/grey and white hairs. However, in his defense, he's so cute.
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So Honey's been making new friends at work (it's about time, ya think, after a year in her new job?) and one of them has a partner, with a nephew visiting this week. We'd agreed to meet last week, at a local restaurant/game room, which went well. Both boys were having a good time, and we got invited to visit them up in the "country place" today. They've got a cabin (renovated, but still..) in West Virginia, so we packed some swim stuff and drove off, albeit a bit later than we'd originally planned.

First, there was the "Not-Waking-Up-As-Early-As-We-Usually-Do" problem. Then Honey remembered that the church group was making sandwiches for the shelter today, so she had to run over in case they needed people. Sonny's homework meant the End of the World, at least until he finally got the point and corrected his misunderstanding (but that was later, in the car). So we got up there about lunch-ish, got the tour, went down to the state park and played in the lake (the boys) or sat under the trees (us). They played in the water and the sand for a few hours. We went back to their house for a nice dinner, and hit the road -- Buzz still needs his insulin in a timely manner.

All the animals were happy to see us when we finally got in. I wonder why?

The other day we'd been shopping at Trader Joe's, and Sonny picked up some "ice cream sandwiches" made from Tofutti. When I mentioned that this wasn't ice cream but tofu, he wanted to put them back, but I decided we should get them. Ha. He loves them. Of course, tofutti has lots of fat calories, but it's tasty. Or is it the other way around?

I mentioned my little "Carling the Bassett" story at dinner, and got a few laughs. Veterinary humor.

Buzz is currently hunting a moth. Go Buzzer-Wuzz!
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Is there any more fun than ordering Chinese and watching Big Trouble In Little China?

I didn't think so. It would be even more fun if I hadn't found a second little rug in the kitchen that now smells suspiciously of cat pee. Grr! I was just so proud of him for using his litter box, and now this. What a cat. Still, he's so sweet I can't stay mad at him. I'll just make sure he can't get out during the day, when we're not around.

I was born ready. Hee.


Jun. 18th, 2008 01:39 pm
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Someone (naming no names) seems to have peed on the rug in the kitchen, the one in front of the sink. Luckily -- or not, depending on your perspective -- I was barefoot this AM and noted the lingering dampness. It seemed too wet to be related to dripping water, and I wanted to make sure we didn't have an under-sink leak. It's a new kitchen, we don't need no steenking leak.

Well. As soon as I knelt down, I knew it wasn't water. It was a leaky cat.

Naturally, Buzz is high on my list of suspect, as there are only three cats who could be the perpetrators. The number is three and only three, thou shalt not go higher. Neither Kedgie nor Brady has demonstrated an ability to ignore the existence of their litter box, not in 4+ years. We do have a cat who uses many substrates in the course of his daily eliminations, but lately has been showing a blue pad/litter box preference.

Still. His oh-so-innocent butt better behave.

I scooped the rug -- which nicely has a rubber water-proof backing -- and washed it in the tub. There was lots of animal hair coming off, so it really needed a wash. I hung it out on the bannister to dry in the sun today, and it should be ready for the kitchen this evening when we get home. I also wiped the floor with Pledge (TM), which made it a nice little hazard. I know how to walk in a balanced manner, but Sonny boy nearly wiped out several times, until he began paying attention. Maybe that's the trick. I should Pledge his socks or something, and then he'll walk carefully.


Jun. 12th, 2008 11:22 am
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Well. The cats must be meeting late at night when we're asleep, for this morning BT ate her breakfast like a normal BT (out of her bed, rubbing against my ankle, etc.), and it was Brady who didn't eat -- at least he didn't eat much. I gave them tuna -- the real stuff -- and he ate about 1/3 of it. Kedgie was delighted by this, naturally.

Buzz and Kedgie traded off having The Spot between us to sleep in -- all night long there was a cat. At least there was no fighting.
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Last night we had a thunderstorm, starting while we were at the concert*. At first it was just lightning but the rain hit, oh yes, it did. We stopped for ice cream on the way home, and had to make a mad dash into the house. We were all in the bedroom when the lightning struck somewhere close, and the thunder boomed loudly enough to scare Kedgie off the bed and out the door. Unfortunately, the cat gate was closed, so she reversed course and ran under the bed. She doesn't jump gates, although she could. As the storm passed quickly, we sent Son up to bed, and Kedgie left the sanctuary for the kitchen. She must have spent the night on the other side of the gate, as it was Buzz on our bed instead. His first night on the bed in a few years..and no messes in the AM. I kept checking as I walked, but he'd peed in the box on the pad. Good Buzz!

After breakfast, he apparently touched noses with Brady, and they just warily watched each other. A little while later, Kedgie followed me out of the bedroom and Buzz approached her from hebind, so she hissed and swatted him. He just did his usual flop, and she zipped through the gate.

Still more to come: she was on the bed with me when Buzz jumped up, so she hissed and he sat down. There was some lying down with his back to her, and then he wanted to come closer to me, which she didn't like. I tried to settle them with some pettings, but she just moved to the end of the bed and then left. He settled down where she'd been resting. It's been going back and forth like that all morning -- Kedgie, Buzz, Kedgie, Buzz..

When I was letting the dogs out, Buzz was just finishing breakfast. I noticed that Athena was happy enough to run past Buzz, but Hercules wouldn't go near -- it must have been that little scratch on his nose that keeps him from going too close to Buzz.

I have to run out and pick up some iced tea and cookies for the church potluck -- after their service this morning, they're saying goodbye to the pastor who is retiring after 10 years and some recent serious health issues. I'll join them and then head over to work for the final run of the labs and such. We begin our inspection next week, and all of the institutes are doing their final checks.

*The concert was nice; two of the singers are from Honey's church and sing with this choir as well. They are all going to northern Europe for a two-week tour.


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