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The Honey's family arrived to pick up their car and go home, so in the noise of their arrival avec Honey, and the departure, both Kedgie and Buzz dove under the bed to hide from the strangers(!) and noise. When they came out, Buzz came to the bedroom door, so I offered him his dinner, which he is currently eating despite Kedgie's best attempts to snag it for herself, the pig. I did see her and Buzz making cat kisses before this, so things are better between them.

Although he is now eating well, of tuna, gooshy fud and dry, he is still breathing heavily. He's standing throughout his dinner, and is not stopping for breath, so that's all good. I suspect his PO2 is ok, although I do want to borrow a pulse ox and check it.

Oh, I gave him a second dose of dexamethasone around 7-ish, because he wasn't responding fast enough and the other major steroid may have "worn off" already (the depot from yesterday). Solu-delt works rapidly and leaves rapidly, so it's not useful in chronic conditions. Now he's had a total of about 6 mg, which is close enough to the calculated dose of 7 mg (for an IV dose) that I think this will work.
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..or, Brown-bagging it until the end. He is happy enough to pack his own lunches, and willingly makes the lunch in the AM. So, after walking the dogs, he made a sandwich (possibly bologna and mayo with american cheese), and packed applesauce, an orange, some chips, and one small piece of chocolate.

Today, I bought my own lunch instead of making it. But I still bring a thermos of tea and have breakfast, snack and snack during the day. ;-)

Buzz was bright-eyed and "mow"-ing at me this morning. I see he prefers the chilly temps, too. Let's hope the dratted dogs leave the gate alone today, so his food bowl doesn't get cleaned out by a dog instead of a cat.

Scouts tonight, and my presence has already been requested by a Scout who wants to work on one of my merit badges.
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My little experiment of this morning has worked! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Or should that be "Mein kleine experimente?" Whichever. I cleaned out an old litter box and put a blue pad into it. Earlier I saw him sniff it and walk past to the doorway, but at dinner time I found it used. Yes! Now we just need to see if he'll be reliable about using the pads within the box.

Dinner and insulin, with penicillin to follow with a late snack. For us, Honey has fired up the new grill and will be cooking frankfurters.
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Buzz has spent the day sleeping in the hidey-hole, coming out to eat, drink, and pee. It was very warm today, so I don't blame him for finding a nice cool place. I appreciate his thoughtfulness in using the blue pads. :-)

He got his penicillin and the chin isn't swollen so no hot compress or flush tonight.

Honey put together the new charcoal grill that I found on Amazon (one of their special deals, a grill that was originally around $120, selling for $40 plus S/H -- still an excellent deal after the S/H hit the price.) It's larger than our previous ones, at least that I can recall, and has several shelves in it, including one for "smoking" the food. This will be very handy. She did a great job interpreting the instructions and putting it together. I had to help with the wheel covers, which required three prongs to go through three holes, only one of the prongs wasn't lined up perfectly. It might not have been a flaw, but a design feature, and once I could visualize it we got them in. I had to strap on the head lamp, lie on my back, line up the first two, and then use the screwdriver to line up the third one -- she extracted the screwdriver and it was in.

At animal feeding time we realized that we needed to get more dog food, so I ran out and shopped quickly at the petsmart. I would have been back sooner if the road hadn't had a water main break, bringing three lanes down to one. If people can work together nicely, we all get through at a reasonable rate. ::rolls eyes:: Yeah.

OK, off to dine on gyro pizza and greek salad, with a side order of Pippi Longstocking
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..I don't think I can count that high. How many claws do I have? Anyway, big news here: the girls got out last night, and I had Nothing To Do With It. I sat there and watched the show, let me tell you. It started out quietly, as these things do. Nothing much happened until they left our room and went over to the Other Part of the house, where the Other Cats and the Dogs go. All of a sudden I heard my person trying to convince Cinder that she'd get some tuna, which Cinder didn't believe for a millisecond, because she knows I get all the tuna. So she scooted around my person and kept going. Eventually though she got too close to my person and was caught. At least she was happy about having explored the basement, because she went back home only a little grumpy and not yelling like she usually does.

BT snuck back, or tried to, later. She knocked over the fence and my person came back with a light. She didn't get caught though. My person just opened the door and BT went back in with Cinder.

I didn't bother getting up. This was fun!

This morning I was hungry, but at least my person found my food bowl and I could eat some more dry fud along with my tuna. Yummy!


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