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Sitting at bus station, waiting for My Wife to pick me up, I decide to look at the video feed from my front door. I see My Wife exit, about 30 min earlier, and head to my car, which is a stick shift (as is Right And Proper). She hasn't driven a stick for at least four years, and that was only because we were driving a long way on the highway. She hasn't regularly driven a stick in close to 30 years, but she apparently decided today would be a Good Day to Drive Stick again. I keep my eyes peeled, but there's no sign of my car, and it's only a 10-15 min drive from the house. That means it's time to call her and make sure she's not lost, even though she's already done this drive quite a few times now. When it comes to getting lost, never underestimate My Wife.

Well. She answers her mobile, and says she forgot her phone, so she went back to get it. I ask if she's still driving my car.

No, she says. It was too slow, and she wanted to go faster, so she also switched cars.


I'm still waiting for her. Lovely evening here. A bit noisy, with the buses and the trains, but still. Ah, here she is!


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