Oct. 24th, 2013


Oct. 24th, 2013 06:15 pm
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On the way home last night, I noticed that my clutch was a little “slippy”, but figured it was just me over-reacting. It was late, and I still had other places to drive, so I just watched it as I accelerated.
This morning, it was still acting funny, so I decided I’d take it to the shop on my way home.

Ha. Famous Last Words.

I arrived at work, pulled into the parking garage, started up the ramp, and the clutch croaked. Kaput! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

I rolled the car back down the ramp, then jumped out and pushed it into a handicapped parking spot (out of the way, close to the entrance, nearest spot available). I spoke to the parking valets , so they’d know, and to the nearby police officer, so I wouldn’t get a ticket while waiting for a tow. The mechanic referred me to a tow company, who promised immediate assistance, and I notified my office of my troubles.
Then the tow company called back to say they’d be a little later than initially promised. That’s okay, I can go sit in my office and do some work in the meantime.
Naturally, I was just starting rounds when the tow truck driver called; he was on campus and needed directions to my car. Just as he started explaining where he was, one of the staff started wheeling a noisy cart down the hall towards me, and wouldn’t stop despite my frantic gesticulations.
I bolted from the building to see the tow truck driving by. At least I was able to tell him which garage to go to. By the time I made it down the street, the valet had pointed him to my car. Only then did I remember my car key, in my office, so back I went, and returned.

Note: by the time, I’ve pushed a large car around, repeatedly run back and forth a distance of about .2 mi (one way), and the day is still just beginning.

The car was safely seen off, and the rounds were done, so I could relax a bit. The FF was at her first day of a new job, but expected to be leaving her office no later than 3:30. I emailed her to let her know the car was out of commission, and she offered a ride home, so we agreed to meet in downtown $CITY at the end of the day.
Around 3:30, I left my office to catch a bus to the downtown. At the bus stop, I saw her latest email: she’d been held up at the office for a few more hours. It was starting to drizzle/sprinkle, but I emailed her back not to worry, we’d meet tomorrow if it got too late. Then I got a phone call from the mechanic, and he’d looked over the car – he needed to send it to the transmission shop up the street from him.
Fine. Send it on, not getting my car back tonight, whatever.

I got on the bus, and swiped my smart card, which failed to read. What is this I don’t even. FINE. I paid cash, not exact change, donating 60 cents to the bus company and I took the bus.

When I arrived in downtown, it was still grey and sprinkling, so I stopped at a new pizza place. While I was waiting for my pizza (large speciality) to be made, I realized that I have a membership in Zipcar, and now would probably be a good time to try it. I battled the annoying loud music in the pizza place, a glass of water that splashed all over my face, and browser incompatibilities with the Zipcar site. Each time my BB tried to access the site, it blanked the page.

I pulled out my ZipCard, and called their 800 number, which turned out to be an automated menu. I made my selections, and didn’t really hear which car options they had, so I chose the first one. The BB battery was starting to die, because really, what else could it do? I had just enough juice to call back and hear the location details again, and walked around the block to the parking site for my particular car.
Which turned out to be a minivan.


At this point, I didn’t care. I plopped the backpack, lunch bag, and large pizza box in the van, adjusted the seat for my liking, changed the radio station to CLASSICAL MUSIC THANK YOU KINDLY, inhaled two slices of lukewarm pizza, and pulled gently away from the parking spot.
I drove smoothly home, in the not quite sprinkles.
I fed the cats, let the dogs out of their indoor kennel, the doorbell rang, and it was flowers from my parents. I let the dogs outside while I called the ‘rents to thank them, and tell them of my day. Lovely flowers! They came with their own vase and nice instructions, so I set them up next to the roses from my honey, took a picture and emailed it out to everyone.
I had another slice of pizza, and a shot of whiskey. The FF showed up online for a chat, and I told her my woes. We made each other laugh.

I went to bed. The cat decided he needed to sleep on my chest, with his butt under my nose.
Somehow, I fell asleep with him in this position. Luckily for him, he didn’t have any gaseous eruptions.


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