Sep. 28th, 2013

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I was able to pet him and slip in a needle with some analgesic yesterday, so I repeated it today with a higher volume. After he was sedated, I gave him the overdose of anesthetic, wrapped him in a old shirt, and petted him until he was gone. He was a big, sweet cat with an incurable cancer, and he was loved by all. May he find Marilee again.
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Four rambunctious kittens (or is that redundant?) in my guest room, with toys, a big box with holes cut out for them, my slippers, and me to play with and climb on. My dogs sat in the outer room to watch them play, and even got a few gratuitous sniffs in as at least two kittens were mutually curious of the dogs. They are so tiny, and the dogs are so huge.

All four eventually ended up on my lap, wrestling, biting, pouncing, swatting, and falling about. Finally, after close to two hours, they were settling down, so I returned them to their kitty condo for another snack and a nap.

They purr loudly when they purr.

I'll post pics once I can transfer them from the iPod to the laptop.


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